Dogs are entertaining. Their goofy personalities and silly antics can make anyone smile. But, if you have owned a dog or are owning a dog, then you might have noticed several uncommon behaviors that might make you scratch your head in confusion.

Read on to learn more about some unusual dog behaviors.

Puppy Eyes

If your best friend has ever looked at you with those cute puppy dog eyes, they are doing more than trying to get you to fall in love with them. When your pet dog looks up at you with those adorable eyes, it is trying to tell you that they love you.

Through puppy eyes, your pet dog is also trying to enforce a greater trust between you and them. And let us be honest – who can resist puppy eyes and puppies in general? Check out the FouFou Puppies and get smitten by their button nose, big round eyes, and overall cuteness.

Understand That Something Is Wrong

Dogs cannot really talk to you to understand that you are sick or upset – but – they still know it. According to research, when humans cry, their dogs also feel distressed. Recent studies have shown that not only do dogs feel distressed, but when they feel their owners are sad, they will also try to do something to help.

This way, dogs show empathy and try to comfort you when you are in distress.

Excited When You Are Home

When your dog jumps and acts excited when you come home, it is because they are happy that you are home. They just want you to know that they have missed you. Your dog might even dribble small amounts of urine to show you how excited they are.

Chase Tails

We all have seen dogs that chase their tails, and you might have wondered why your dog is chasing its tail. Usually, dogs chase their tails when they are bored or stressed. Your dog might also try to catch its tail as a way of playing and amusing itself.

By chasing its tail, your dog is essentially releasing all of its pent-up energy. You might want to think of it as your dog’s version of tapping your foot or walking back and forth when you are bored or stressed. All that pent-up energy needs to go somewhere. This aspect perfectly explains why puppies chase their tails more often than adult dogs, as puppies have tons of puppy energy to release.

Dogs are smart animals, and they learn very quickly that doing certain things will make them get your attention. Chasing their tails is one of those things that definitely has your attention.

Approval-Seeking Behavior

If you have ever felt that your dog is trying to get your approval, you are probably correct. The thing is that your dog values your opinion, and they love to get approval from you. You might have noticed your dog’s behavior when they are walking on or off a leash, and they might glance back in your direction to ensure that you are still there and approve of their behavior.