The allure of a work-from-home job that involves watching and tagging Netflix content has captured the attention of many. claims to offer this dream job, promising monthly earnings of up to $ 3,000. But is Flixtagger legit platform or a potential scam? Let’s dig deeper in this Flixtagger reviews to uncover the truth. – Can You Really Get Paid To Watch Netflix?

The idea of earning money while indulging in your favorite Netflix shows sounds too good to be true. Sophia, in a TikTok video, touted her success, claiming to have earned $45 through Flixtagger Netflix. But is this opportunity as promising as it seems? Let’s explore what it takes to be a Netflix Video Tagger.

The Role Of A Netflix Video Tagger

What exactly does a Netflix Video Tagger do? These taggers play a crucial role in enhancing the viewer’s experience. They watch Netflix content and meticulously label it based on various criteria such as genre, cast, language, or profanity. Imagine searching for “Feel-Good Romantic Comedies” and instantly finding the perfect movie. However, may not be the avenue to realize this dream job.

Why Raises Suspicion

1. Recent Registration:

A significant red flag is the recent registration date of, which was in March 2023, just a few weeks ago. This prompts questions about how individuals like Sophia claim to have earned substantial sums in such a short time. It raises doubts about the platform’s authenticity.

2. No Affiliation With Netflix:

It’s essential to emphasize that is not affiliated with Netflix in any official capacity. The only legitimate portal for Netflix job applications is Any other website making such claims may not be trustworthy.

3. Formerly Known As has undergone multiple name changes, previously operating as and These name changes are often used to mimic the design of the official Netflix website, creating a deceptive appearance. Beware, as applying through such websites can expose your personal information to potential risks.

Legitimate Path To Becoming A Netflix Tagger

For those genuinely interested in pursuing a career as a Netflix Tagger, there is a legitimate path. Applicants typically need to be at least 18 years old and possess relevant qualifications, such as a background in screenplay or film studies. The application process usually includes an initial screening to assess candidates’ knowledge and passion for the role. Always remember that Netflix’s official website ( is the sole trusted source for Netflix Tagger job applications.

Earnings Potential As A Netflix Tagger

The financial aspect of being a Netflix Tagger can be enticing. While exact earnings may vary based on experience and other factors, it’s common for taggers to earn between $25 and $30 per hour. Considering the nature of the job—watching and tagging TV content—it’s an appealing opportunity.

Final Word: Is Flixtagger Legit?

In conclusion, may promise a dream job of tagging Netflix content for pay, but its legitimacy remains questionable. To pursue such opportunities safely, rely on official channels like Netflix’s official website. Exercise caution when exploring online job offers, particularly if they seem too good to be true.


Is a legit platform to become a Netflix Video Tagger?

No, is not a legitimate source for Netflix Tagger positions. For legitimate opportunities, visit Netflix’s official job application website (

What is the potential earning as a Netflix Tagger?

Netflix Taggers can typically expect to earn between $25 and $30 per hour for their work, which mainly involves watching and tagging TV shows.

Are there genuine work-from-home opportunities with Netflix?

Yes, Netflix occasionally offers remote job opportunities. To explore genuine job openings, regularly visit Netflix’s official careers website ( for updates and job postings.