Have you ever heard that the number 13 is unlucky, while blowing on dice will bring you good fortune? Like many other human activities, gambling is riddled with superstitions. Let’s look at gambling rituals and practices that are supposed to bring good or bad luck and find out if they really work.

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1. Lucky & Unlucky Numbers 

From Friday 13th to the 13 individuals present at Jesus’ Last Supper, this number is symbolic in many cultures. Mostly, it is notorious for bringing bad luck. Gamblers often avoid placing their chips or betting on this number, while many people avoid 13th floors and seats.

Still, the 13’s ubiquitous bad vibe seems to work only in the Western world. Meanwhile, in China, it’s the number 4 that reigns supreme in the hierarchy of unlucky numbers. When it comes to lucky numbers, the number 7 is supposed to bring immense success, while 17 is a popular choice in European roulette.

2. Blowing On Dice

One of the most popular gambling superstitions is blowing on dice. Typically done by an attractive woman in a James Bond flick, this superstition is a foolproof method to bring good fortune. In reality, it’s unlikely to work. Still, the ritual of blowing on dice has interesting origins. Some believe this ritual would clean them from dust in street games. Others suggest that it’s a method used by cheaters who would blow on the glue-covered side of the dice and activate the adhesive.

3. Red Is Luck

From red underwear to shoes, shirts, and other items, red is considered the official color of Lady Luck. Next time you visit a brick-and-mortar casino, look around and check out how many people actually believe it. Betting on red is also supposed to bring luck.

4. No Dogs Allowed

Playing in the vicinity of a dog is another big no-no. Not only does it distract the player, but it is also believed to bring bad luck. Moreover, if the dog is black, you’re in double trouble. You might think that’s ridiculous; after all, aren’t dogs man’s best friends? But some Vegas casinos even ban pets from entering.

5. Don’t Whistle Or Cross Your Legs

There are a lot of superstitions around whistling. It brings bad luck to sailors, and it hurts the winnings. That’s why many gamblers prefer to avoid whistling. Crossing your legs is another habit that is supposed to bring bad luck. On the other hand, if you decide to cross your fingers, Lady Luck will immediately return.

It’s hardly a surprise that there are numerous superstitions in the gambling world. After all, many casino games are not a matter of skill but just luck. Still, you shouldn’t rely too much on the old wives’ tales. Even if you wear all-red attire, cross your fingers, and avoid 13s and black color, you will unlikely start your winning streak.