Explore the enchanting realm of Gekko Miami, an exquisite Japanese-inspired steakhouse and lounge meticulously crafted by the visionary collaboration of David Grutman and Bad Bunny; distinguished as an upscale casual establishment, it is celebrated for its opulent atmosphere. Read our Gekko Miami reviews to determine whether the high Gekko Miami menu prices are worth it or not. 

Overview Of The Gekko Miami Restaurant

Gekko, a Japanese steakhouse and lounge in Brickell, Miami, emerged from the collaboration of David Grutman and Bad Bunny. Positioned as an upscale casual venue, it’s renowned for its lavish ambiance and high Gekko Miami menu prices, averaging $150 to $200 per person.

Menu List:

Explore Gekko’s menu with a range of Japanese-inspired delights, from Japanese Milk Bread to Wagyu Crispy Rice, offering a glimpse into the restaurant’s culinary offerings:

  • Japanese Milk Bread: $15
  • Tako Taco: $18
  • Wagyu Crispy Rice: $34
  • Lava & Ice Oysters: $28
  • Black Edamame: $12
  • Royal Osetra Caviar: $210 (2oz)

Gekko Miami Reviews: User Insights

On a Wednesday night, a user visited Gekko Miami and encountered a mix of positive and negative elements. The overall experience posed challenges in service, from ordering issues to timing concerns. Despite the impressive ambiance, the user expressed dissatisfaction with the $150 steaks, finding them less gratifying, and observed the unexpected coldness of the sushi being served.

Gekko Miami Restaurant Pros:

Efficient Seating: Gekko excelled in swiftly accommodating patrons, particularly on a potentially challenging Wednesday evening. Quick seating underscored the restaurant’s commitment to customer experience.

Standout Staff: Amidst service challenges, some Gekko staff members stood out, notably the door attendant and waitress. Their exceptional service contributed positively to the overall dining experience.

Ambiance: This restaurant boasts an impressive ambiance, providing a sophisticated and upscale setting. The restaurant creates an environment where patrons can enjoy the visual and sensory aspects of their dining experience.

Gekko Miami Restaurant Cons:

Service Glitches: It faced noticeable service glitches, particularly in the handling of second drink orders. The complexity of placing these orders and the disregard for cocktail modifications added a layer of inconvenience to the overall dining experience.

Overpriced Steaks: Despite the upscale atmosphere, user found the $150 steaks to be overpriced, lacking the expected satisfaction. The discrepancy between the cost and the perceived quality of the steaks left a notable gap in the overall value proposition.

Cold Sushi: A surprising disappointment was the serving of cold sushi, which deviated from the anticipated standard. The unexpected temperature of the sushi contributed to a less-than-optimal gastronomic experience.

Billing Oversight: Lounge drinks being omitted from the bill added an element of inconvenience, requiring patrons to address billing discrepancies actively. This oversight contributed to a less seamless and more demanding dining experience.

Final Words

In weighing the allure of Gekko Miami, the collaboration between David Grutman and Bad Bunny manifests in a Japanese steakhouse of opulence. The menu, featuring delights like Japanese Milk Bread and Wagyu Crispy Rice, stands as a testament to culinary creativity. However, the blend of positive and negative customer experiences, service glitches, and steep prices prompts consideration. The decision to indulge in Gekko Miami rests with the discerning diner, balancing ambiance and potential hiccups for a dining experience that aligns with personal preferences.


Is Gekko Miami’s Price Justified?

While the atmosphere exudes luxury, some patrons feel that the overall service and certain items on the menu might not offer sufficient value to warrant the high cost.

Are There Alternatives to Gekko Miami restaurant?

Certainly, explore dining alternatives such as Bad Bunny or Leku restaurant for unique and diverse culinary experiences beyond this restaurant.

Common Criticisms about Gekko Miami?

Gekko Miami Reviews often highlights grievances about Gekko, including perceived overpricing of wine and food and encounters with staff members perceived as less than friendly.