Have you recently moved to the USA? Then you’re probably excited to travel around and take in its many different landscapes. You’ll have many things to consider before embarking on your trip, from protecting your private data using a USA VPN to planning your route.

Most importantly, you need to decide how you’ll get around. We’ve written this short article to explain the best methods available.

Traveling By Car

The idea of cruising along the highway is what makes many people want to travel around the USA in the first place. Driving gives you the freedom to go where you want and explore the country at your own pace. What’s more, you can reach rural areas and national parks by car.

Foreign drivers can drive in the USA for up to 12 months using their home country’s driving license. Yet an International Driving Permit (IDP) can give you more credibility with the country’s traffic police. This is especially relevant if the official language of your home country isn’t English.

Traveling By Rail

Trains are rarely the quickest or cheapest way to travel across the USA. But they can be a pleasant and relaxing way to see the country, especially if you travel in the western double-decker Superliner trains. Opting for an afternoon train ride is generally your best chance to avoid a busy carriage. Choose another mode of transportation if you must travel in the morning.

Traveling By Bus

The bus is the most affordable option for traveling between cities. Buses in the USA tend to be reliable, clean, and comfortable. They also give you great opportunities to see the countryside.

Greyhound is the major long-distance bus company, offering routes throughout the country. There are plenty of buses around the clock along all the main highways. But you may need to transfer to a local bus system to reach smaller towns or rural areas.

Traveling By Plane

Flying is your best bet if you’re short on time and need to cover long distances. The country has a well-developed air travel system. The countless competing airlines, airports, and daily flights make it easy for you to cross the country.

Recent high fuel costs have made flying more expensive than it used to be. Yet it’s still cheaper to fly than take the train for some trips. Travel with one of the newer budget airlines like Spirit or Ryanair to keep your costs down.

What Should You Do?

How you choose to travel in the USA will depend on the experience you want. Trains and buses are great for sitting back and taking in the surroundings, while a car enables you to get further off the beaten track. But a plane is your best bet if you need to get somewhere quickly.