Considering the tempting $19 home cleaning service or the prospect of earning as a cleaner with Homeaglow? Before diving in, explore authentic Homeaglow reviews to determine whether “Is Homeaglow legit.” This article delves into the pros and cons, pricing, and user experiences to help you make an informed decision. 

Exploring Homeaglow

Established in 2015, Homeaglow prides itself on being a user-friendly house cleaning service. Serving as a mediator, it effortlessly connects homeowners with independent contractors, simplifying the process of obtaining professional cleaning services. The platform ensures a smooth experience for users, acting as a link between those in need of domestic cleaning and skilled contractors. Homeaglow is dedicated to simplicity and effectiveness, aiming to fulfill the cleaning requirements of homeowners and offering independent cleaners a platform to demonstrate their expertise.

Does Homeaglow Hires Cleaners & More

Yes, Homeaglow hires cleaners. Cleaners undergo background checks, set their hourly rates, and enjoy flexibility in scheduling.

How To Sign Up

To sign up with it, visit their website, browse available cleaners, enter your details, and be cautious of the membership commitment.

Homeaglow Prices & Cost

Costs for Homeaglow’s cleaning services depend on the cleaner’s hourly rate, hours booked, and a 5% booking fee. The ForeverClean membership offers up to 50% off, but first-time users may face unexpected charges.

Customer Complaints

Homeaglow is challenged by customer complaints, particularly regarding membership fees, cancellation charges, and a class action lawsuit alleging non-payment to cleaners.

How Do I Contact Homeaglow Customer Service

Contact Homeaglow via phone or the Help Center on their website for assistance

Homeaglow Reviews: User Experience 

Captivated by the TV commercials promoting Homeaglow’s $19 cleaning service, the user decided to give it a shot. Yet, the user’s encounter unveiled troubling elements like mediocre cleaning, unforeseen fees, and a questionable cancellation policy. The user found themselves grappling with unforeseen hurdles, shedding light on possible drawbacks in the services provided by Homeaglow.

Pros & Cons Of  Homeaglow:


Convenient Booking: It offers users the convenience of easy and straightforward booking for cleaning services, simplifying the process.

Affordable Rates: The platform provides competitive and affordable rates for professional cleaning services, making it accessible for a broad range of users.

Flexible Cleaning Options: Users have the flexibility to choose cleaning options that suit their preferences, allowing customization based on specific needs and requirements.

Opportunities for Cleaners: It creates opportunities for independent cleaners, offering a platform for them to showcase their expertise and connect with homeowners seeking their services.


Hidden Membership Charges: Deceptive advertising tactics may lead users to unwittingly enroll in a 6-month contract with a monthly fee, causing surprise and dissatisfaction.

Customer Support Issues: Homeaglow faces challenges in providing effective customer support, leaving users to navigate issues between cleaners and homeowners on their own.

Deductions for New Clients: Cleaners on the platform experience a deduction of $5 from their hourly rate for every new client, potentially affecting their earnings.

Cancellation Incurs Extra Charges: When users decide to cancel their Homeaglow membership, they may face additional charges, contributing to concerns about the overall transparency of the service.

Is Homeaglow Legit? The Truth Behind Homeaglow

It is acknowledged for its genuine service delivery; however, concerns arise due to deceptive advertising practices, leading to skepticism. Users, without full awareness, find themselves committed to a 6-month contract that involves a monthly fee. When one chooses to cancel, additional charges come into play, adding to the reservations about the transparency of Homeaglow’s business model.

Final Verse

While Homeaglow is not a blatant scam, it operates with deceptive marketing practices. The company’s legitimacy is tarnished by hidden fees, customer service issues, and mixed user experiences. Proceed with caution and be aware of potential pitfalls before engaging with Homeaglow.


Is Homeaglow a reliable cleaning service?

It is considered a legitimate cleaning service, but it comes with potential drawbacks. Some users have reported hidden fees and issues with customer support.

What are the potential drawbacks of using Homeaglow?

Users should be aware of hidden membership charges, unresponsive customer service, and unexpected deductions for new clients when considering this platform for cleaning services.

How Homeaglow handles customer complaints?

Customer complaints indicate that their customer support may not be as responsive or helpful as users would prefer, highlighting a potential area of concern.