Are you considering a shopping spree at Wondering if Hoooyi Clothing lives up to its reputation or if it’s a fashion faux pas? In this Hoooyi reviews article, we’ll share insights into the pros, cons, and everything you need to know before making your purchase decision.

Online shopping has transformed how we access fashion items, and Hoooyi Clothing has emerged as a contender in the men’s fashion realm. Promising a diverse range of shirts, T-shirts, jackets, and more, this online store has caught the attention of many potential buyers. 

But the question remains: Is Hoooyi Clothing a reliable choice or a potential scam? 


Hoooyi emerged as an online men’s fashion haven back in August 2020. With an impressive range of jackets, shirts, coats, shorts,etc., this store offers massive discounts on its products. One notable aspect of the site is its fashion-forward clothing designs, catering to both casual and breathable styles, as well as bold and trendy options. With a social media following and nearly two years of operation, Hoooyi Clothing has garnered a considerable fanbase. 

However, despite being in business for over a year, Hoooyi has faced its share of negative feedback, including reports of poor-quality items and challenging returns. Moreover, the store’s physical location in China leads to extended shipping times, which is also a cause of concern.

Is Hoooyi Legit? Sharing Personal Experience seems to be a legitimate men’s clothing brand. My T-shirt order arrived within two weeks, though the color differed from what was shown on the website. Upon contacting customer support, they compensated me for the color inconsistency. The store impresses with fashionable, youthful designs, but, like Cotosen, the store operates out of China, resulting in extended shipping times.

Hoooyi Clothing Store: Key Factors

Refund and Return Policy: The site offers a 15-day return policy. To return a product, it must be unused, unwashed, and still in its original packaging with all tags attached. However, customers are accountable for covering the shipping costs for their return, which can be costly, especially when shipping back to China.

Discount Code: You can discover discount vouchers on various platforms. Moreover, you have the opportunity to receive a generous 25% commission when you refer your friends to Hoooyi.

Customer Support: Contact the store through email at ‘’ or the store’s ‘Contact Us’ page.

Location: While the website doesn’t provide a physical business address, it’s registered in Beijing, China, as per the website’s registration details.

Hoooyi Clothing: Positives & Negatives


Quality Clothing: Hoooyi’s clothing items are well-crafted.

Variety: The store offers a broad selection of clothing.

Affordable Prices: The clothing is competitively priced.


Shipping Duration: Due to the store’s location in China, shipping can take a considerable amount of time.

Return Shipping Costs: Returning orders may incur costly shipping fees back to China.

In Conclusion: Shopping Safely At Hoooyi appears to be an authentic clothing store, making it a recommended choice for shoppers. However, keep in mind that the store’s location in China may lead to longer shipping and delivery times. Be cautious when shopping online and take measures to protect your payment information. If issues arise, consider reaching out to your bank or PayPal for resolution.


  1. How long does it take for Hoooyi to deliver orders?

Due to its location in China, the store’s shipping times can vary, often taking several weeks.

  1. Is it expensive to return items to Hoooyi com?

Yes, customers are responsible for return shipping fees, which can be equivalent to the item’s price.

  1. Are there any sizing guides available on Hoooyi’s website?

Yes, Hoooyi often provides sizing guides on its website. Refer to these guides to ensure a proper fit for your purchases.