One of the largest purchases that someone in the state of Georgia can make will come when they purchase a new vehicle. Not only will a new car cost tens of thousands of dollars and come with a large monthly loan payment, but it is also important, as it could be necessary to get to work or school and around your community.

While you may expect that your new car will last for a long time, there are situations in which someone may purchase a car that requires frequent repairs, even when it is new. In these situations, it would be a good idea to contact a georgia lemon law attorney. There are various reasons why you should engage one of these attorneys.

Consultation & Support Understanding Georgia Lemon Law

One of the important services that your attorney can help with is guidance to ensure you understand the state’s lemon law. There are a lot of complexities that come with lemon law in Georgia. While you may be entitled to support through either a cash payment, full refund, or exchange of vehicles, there are qualifications that need to be met. This can include the age of the vehicle, mileage, number of repair attempts, and other important factors. The attorney will not only explain this to you, but they will also be able to assess your situation to see if you meet these requirements.

Support Building A Case

If you are going to pursue a claim under the Georgia lemon law, you could be entitled to significant damages, including a full refund of the vehicle or an exchange of vehicles. Because of this, manufacturers are often resistant to paying claims. Accordingly, having support of filing a claim is very important. When you call a local lemon law lawyer, they can help you fully prepare your case. This can include gathering all documentation and ensuring it complies with requirements under the law. They will then go through the proper process to ensure manufacturers are notified the right way.

Further Legal Support

There are always situations when a manufacturer will contest the lemon law claim. In these situations, you will need to pursue further legal action. This could include filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer. In these situations, having an attorney is critical as they will handle all such filings and submissions. They can also provide support during the negotiations with the manufacturer as well as present a case if it goes to court or through any type of arbitration.

The Georgia lemon law is a very helpful law that is designed to protect purchasers of new cars throughout the state. While it can be helpful if you have purchased a lemon that requires frequent repairs, actually receiving support from the manufacturers can take some work and complexity. When you work with a local lemon law attorney in Georgia, you can receive a variety of services that can help ensure you receive proper support and compensation throughout the process.