Keeping a clean and sparkling toilet bowl is a universal goal, and when a product like Krazy Klean claims to make this task effortless for years, it’s worth examining its claims and real-world effectiveness. Our comprehensive Krazy Klean reviews delves into the promises, the reality, and the pros and cons of using this product’s innovative automatic toilet cleaner.

Discovering Krazy Klean Reviews

Krazy Klean introduces itself as an automatic toilet cleaner that employs Hydro-Mineral Magnet Technology to tackle stains and scaling. Unlike traditional chemical-laden cleaners, Krazy Klean opts for a magnetic device dropped into the toilet tank, which, according to the makers, neutralizes water minerals that cause unsightly stains. A unique proposition, undoubtedly.

Krazy Klean Reviews: Before & After

Eager to put Krazy Klean to the test, I ordered the Krazy Klean Pro with a 10% discount code from After a few days, I received the magnetic device and followed the instructions to place it in my toilet tank. However, my expectations of witnessing my rust metallic stains vanish were met with a reality check – there was no significant change after a week. A conversation with Krazy Klean’s customer service revealed that old stains were not within the cleaner’s capabilities; it could only prevent future stains. I regretted not discovering this information before my purchase. Undeterred, I decided to test it on a newer toilet, but the outcome was still not ideal. Despite pumicing old stains as advised, newer stains still persisted.

The Proper Usage

Using Krazy Klean toilet bowl cleaner is a straightforward process: scrub off old stains with a pumice stone and drop the capsule into the toilet tank. While it promises ease of use, its effectiveness remains a subject of contention.

Addressing Stain Removal

Crucially, Krazy Klean does not excel at removing old stains, contrary to its preventative claims. The technology permanently stops water from causing stains and rust but doesn’t tackle existing stains. A valuable distinction to consider.

Safety For Septic Systems

One aspect Krazy Klean seems to excel in is its septic tank compatibility. Free from toxic chemicals like ammonia, bleach, and phosphates, it poses no harm to septic systems – a reassuring point for environmentally conscious consumers.

Pros & Cons

On the positive side, Krazy Klean shines in its ability to prevent rust in the toilet tank and bowl without relying on harsh chemicals. However, its inability to tackle old stains and its partial success in preventing new stains remain notable drawbacks.

Final Verdict

In the end, Krazy Klean offers a unique proposition for those seeking to prevent future stains on new toilet installations. However, it falls short based on the Krazy Klean reviews and the discrepancy between promises and results. Rating it a 5 out of 10 is marginally better than some alternatives but still lacks in delivering its bold claims. For consumers, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons against individual needs and expectations before deciding to invest in Krazy Klean.

Note: It’s recommended to conduct thorough research and consider consulting other user reviews before making a purchase decision.


  1. Does Krazy Klean remove old toilet stains? 

Krazy Klean’s Hydro-Mineral Magnet Technology prevents future stains but doesn’t effectively remove existing ones, as discovered in our review.

  1. Is it safe for septic systems? 

Yes, Krazy Klean toilet bowl cleaner is septic-safe and free from harmful chemicals like ammonia and bleach, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

  1. How easy is Krazy Klean to use?

This product is easy to use. Scrub old stains with a pumice stone and drop the capsule into the toilet tank to prevent future stains, though results may vary.