Consumer electronics are costly and unreliable. But there is an online website called that sells electronics and several electricals for home improvement, including; Rotating Shoe Cabinets, Massage Chairs, Bluetooth Multifunctional Electric Baby Swings, Movie Projectors, etc., at heavily discounted prices. But, is it a legit online store? This post discusses all about Redyag, and why you should or should not purchase from the website.  

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What Is Redyag.Store?  

Redyag is a new shopping website that sells various electronics at an affordable price. They went viral because of Facebook ads. But soon enough, people realized that the redyag store was a complete scam as users were receiving the wrong items in the parcel or were not receiving anything at all.  

To check these claims, we decided to go through the website to give a completely unbiased review of the and check its credibility so that our readers can safely shop online. 

About Website  

Here is some information that we managed to find about the website from the internet  

Website name   Redyag Store  
Email   info@Redyag .store  
Company Number   12550956  
Social Media   Not Available   
Contact Address  


Supic Company Limited, 297 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TQ, United Kingdom  

Redyag.Store Red Flags  

Redyag Store is very suspicious as many elements of redyag raise RedFlags, and we have listed them below:  

Plagiarized Content  

After using a plagiarism detector tool on the content of the redyag store, we discovered that the website uses plagiarized content from other scam websites and even uses the same website templates.  

Lack Of Social Media Presence  

You can contact Redyag through their support email support and the lack of social media raises our suspicion about the website.  

No Customer Support  

We tried to reach out to Redyag through their email and have still not received any response, while their Contact number does not connect.  

Suspicious Company Address  

Redyag Store uses Supic Company Limited, 297 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TQ, United Kingdom, as their Company address. On further inspection, we learned that many scam websites use this address. These addresses are shell companies that scammers register in countries like Hongkong, UK, and Ireland.  

Negative Reviews  

While researching Redyag, we came across many forums that had many users complaining about never receiving their products even 4 months after placing their order, and some users received products like socks and handkerchiefs instead of the electronic gadget they ordered.  

Unrealistic Discounts  

Redyag offers their products at 80-90% discounts which are unbelievable, and too good to be true. This is a huge red flag.  


In conclusion, Redyag is a complete shopping scam; you should not buy anything from their website. It would be best always to buy your electronic gadget from safe and trusted sources as some of these products are cheap chinese products that can easily malfunction and are potential fire hazards.  


Is a reputable online store?  

No, Redyag is a scam website that uses plagiarized content, and you should avoid making any transactions on the website.  

Does Redyag have a presence on social media platforms?  

No, Redyag has no accounts on any social media platforms, and the only way of contacting them is through email.