Weddings and colors go hand in hand, without a doubt. A kaleidoscope of shades and hues, the wedding season encompasses various festivities and traditions like no other. For the coming year, the brides are ready to weave their own stories dressed in decadent lehengas to celebrate their nuptials. Weddings really are a celebration of love, life and beyond. 

As the wedding season for 2024 gets underway, brides are welcoming the season with a changed perspective in lehenga color palettes. Gone are the times where red reigned supreme, as more and more brides are keen on experimentation and leaving their individuality on display. Brides now are choosing a diverse palette of colors that reflect their personalities and be themselves to create a core memory on their special day. 

For this year, we’re expecting a plethora of shades, soft and vibrant, to take centerstage. We’re predicting four colors to be on top of the trends. Each of these shades offers an aesthetic appeal that resonates with the brides and keeps their personality on display while being the center of attention. Click here to buy from this year’s diverse palette of lehengas, allowing you to find a hue that reflects your unique personality and creates a look that is both breathtaking and unforgettable. 

Into The Blue 

A shade that is often associated with tranquility and calm. A stark opposite of the normative red, blue steps away from the usual but retains the same opulence and royalty. Deep shades of sapphire also allow the decadent embroidery to stand out in its complete glory. If you wish to create an ethereal look, blue might be your easy answer. 

Ivory Elegance 

The serene shade of Ivory has been a constant for wedding gowns in the western world, and its charm is now gracing the opulent lehenga. The sophisticated shade has an air of elegance around it that is hardly matched. The quaint shade acts as the perfect neutral and allows incredible versatility. It can be the perfect host for a range of heritage embroidery. It can go along with jewellery and other accessories just as easily, making it an incredible bridal lehenga color.  

A Pink Fever 

Universally adored, pink is the emblematic shade of romance and femineity. It is no surprise it becomes a preferred choice for bridal wear. Powered by the Barbie core frenzy, the traditional blush has expanded into a plethora of shades. From vivid fuchsia to vibrant magenta to cotton candy pink, the playful shade is becoming more than just a shade of romantic elegance. 

Minty Fresh Greens 

This is a bold prediction from our end, but we’re pegging the soft shade of mint green to take forward the pastel craze. The light and arid hue evoke a soft glowing sense of beauty – reminiscent of nature’s beauty and its unmatched serenity. The sensitive color also goes along gracefully with a variety of embroideries and embellishments. For brides who keep nature at heart, this shade might be the one for you.

Trends and popularity aside, as you plan your nuptials, always remember that color of your lehenga is a deeply personal choice. Let your personality on display on your special day and make memories that are unforgettable!