In the vast world of online shopping, has emerged as a platform offering an array of housing essentials, including TVs, home lighting, and various thematic collections. While their tempting lighting designs and discounts may catch your eye, the crucial question remains – is Litfad legit or a potential scam? In these comprehensive Litfad reviews, we delve into the website’s details, providing unbiased insights and proof of the website’s authenticity.


Litfad positions itself as an international B2C home lighting e-commerce platform. Beyond lighting, the website also showcases rugs, water taps, outdoor lights, and other furniture items. The product range includes items like Contemporary Wall-mounted TV Cabinet, Scandinavian Stone TV Stand, Luxury Wall-mounted TV Cabinet, Modern Metal Ceiling Light, and various others. 

Website Information:

  • Website name: Litfad
  • Email:
  • Contact address: Not provided
  • Contact number: Unverified contact number

Major Points About Litfad Website:

  • Payment Options: Accepted payment methods include American Express, Mastercard, PayPal, and more.
  • Delivery Time: Shipping times vary, with options like Expedited Express and Standard Shipping for different regions.
  • Return Policy: The website offers a 14 Days Product Guarantee for items that arrive broken.
  • Social Media Presence: No social media links are provided.

Positive Aspects

  • Valid SSL Certificate: A secure browsing experience is ensured with a valid SSL certificate and HTTPS on the website, safeguarding consumer data through encryption during transactions.
  • Payment Options: Diverse payment options, such as American Express, Mastercard, and PayPal, give customers flexibility in choosing their preferred method.
  • Broad Product Categories: With a primary focus on home lighting and additional product categories like rugs, water taps, outdoor lights, and furniture, the website accommodates a broad spectrum of customer needs.
  • Return Policy: The website has a return policy in place, specifically mentioning a 14-day product guarantee for items that arrive broken. This indicates a willingness to address customer concerns and provide solutions.

Negative Aspects

  • Low Trust Score: The website has a trust score of only 1%, which is very low. A low trust score can raise concerns about the legitimacy and reliability of the website.
  • Negative Reviews: The website has negative reviews on other platforms, indicating that some customers may have had unsatisfactory experiences. Unfavorable reviews serve as a warning to potential customers.
  • No Contact Address: The absence of a physical contact address raises transparency concerns. Legitimate businesses usually provide a clear address for customer inquiries or concerns.
  • No Social Media Presence: Without social media links, it’s challenging for customers to confirm the website’s legitimacy and engage with the brand on popular social platforms.
  • New Domain Registration: The website’s domain was registered on 2016-06-27, which is relatively new. While not conclusive evidence of a scam, it may contribute to trust issues, especially when combined with other red flags.

Conclusion: Litfad Reviews

The legitimacy of as an online home lighting and furniture platform is a subject of concern. While it does offer secure payment options and a return policy, the mere 1% trust score, negative reviews, absence of a physical address, and the recent domain registration raise questions about its authenticity. These red flags suggest caution, prompting consumers to consider alternative options with established reputations and positive feedback in the online shopping landscape.


  • Is Litfad a legit company? presents itself as an online home lighting platform, but its low trust score of 1% and negative reviews raise concerns about its legitimacy. Exercise caution and consider alternative options for online purchases.

  • What payment methods does Litfad accept?

The platform accepts various payment methods, including American Express, Mastercard, and PayPal. This offers customers flexibility in selecting their preferred payment method.

  • What is Litfad’s return policy?

The website offers a 14-day product guarantee for items that arrive broken. If a product is damaged upon delivery, customers are encouraged to contact Litfad within 14 days and follow the specified procedure for returns.

  • What types of furniture items can I find on Litfad furniture?

Litfad furniture provides a diverse selection of furniture, such as TV cabinets, wall-mounted units, ceiling lights, dining chairs, chandeliers, coffee tables, sofas, and more, catering to various home decor needs.