Ordolava.com has gained a lot of attention from the audience on the web. The e-commerce store retails a range of beauty products, including skin care, deep cleansing masks, green tea cleansing masks, and more.  

If you are thinking of ordering the products from Ordolava.com, verify the authenticity and legitimacy of the website. It will help you determine the genuineness of the skincare products you use.

Let’s delve deeper into the post and discover whether Ordolava.com is a genuine or a fake website.

About Ordolava

The e-commerce store offers various skin care products at the most affordable prices. The prices may be enticing, but it’s important to assess the website’s legitimacy before purchasing.

Pros Of Buying Products At Ordolava.com

Ordolava.com strives to deliver a one-stop shopping experience to customers. Read some benefits of buying products from Ordolava.com are:

 Wide Range Of Skincare Products

The website provides a diverse skincare product range, including deep cleansing masks, green tea cleansing masks, and more. 

User-Friendly Interface 

The user-friendly interface provides easy navigation and a smooth customer shopping experience. Customers can conveniently find and purchase their desired products.

Discounted Prices 

Ordolava com offers discounts, promotions, and deals on various products. It allows customers to save more money on their purchases.

Secure Payment Options

The online store offers secure payment methods. It secures customers’ personal and financial information during transactions.

Cons Of Buying Products From Ordolava.com

Ordolava.com offers various benefits while buying products. However, it’s essential to consider the potential drawbacks as well. Some of the cons of buying products from Ordolava include the following-

Low Trust Score

The website comes with a low trust score, indicating the red flags on the website’s credibility, security, and legitimacy.

Hidden Contact Address

The website doesn’t have any contact information. It’s a potential red flag because genuine stores do not hide any information from buyers.

Outrageous Discounts On Products

The online store offers outrageous discounts on products. So, extremely high discounts raise concerns about the product’s authenticity. 

Skin Products Might Irritate Sensitive Skin

The skin cleanser ingredients tamper with the skin moisture and irritate eczema-acne-prone skin.

No Security

The website is not secured with the Mcafee and Norton anti-virus. It makes websites prone to hackers stealing buyers’ personal and financial information.

No Social Media Presence

The website has no social media presence. It’s suspicious because genuine websites have active social media accounts.

Ordolava.com Reviews – Is The Website Genuine?

Ordolava.com follows a pattern observed in scam websites by enticing customers with cheap discounts and ultimately delivering low-grade products. 

So, it’s vital to exercise caution when purchasing products from this platform. Ensure you conduct thorough research, read customer reviews, and assess the website’s credibility before proceeding with any transactions. 

By doing so, the risk of receiving counterfeit products can be minimized.


Ordolava.com sells its range of products at suspicious discount rates. Various red flags and negative Ordolava.com Reviews describe the website as untrustworthy. So, it is advisable to thoroughly research Ordolava.com Reviews before ordering your products.


What products does Ordolava.com online shopping platform offer?

Ordolava.com offers a wide range of products across various categories, which includes skincare products, deep cleansing masks, green tea cleansing masks, and more.  

Is Ordolava.com a legitimate online shopping platform?

Ordolava.com reviews state that the online shopping platform is not legitimate. So, it is recommended to do in-depth research and exercise caution before making any purchase.

Are the prices on Ordolava com reasonable and competitive?

Ordolava offers products at discounted prices others can’t beat in the industry. You can compare the prices and shop the products at the best prices on Ordolava.com.

Does Ordolava.com have a secure and reliable payment system?

Ordolava.com accepts payments through Paypal, Master card, and Amex. The website uses a secure HTTPS layer to protect users’ personal and financial information.

How does Ordolava.com handle product returns and refunds?

Ordolava.com’s approach to product returns and refunds is different Ordolava.com only replaces damaged or defective products.