Are you contemplating a financial move with Post Lake Lending and curious to know “Is Post Lake lending legitimate?” This Post Lake Lending reviews article evaluates the working process of their loans, revealing both positive and negative aspects. Whether you’re a prospective borrower or just looking to understand this lending platform, this comprehensive guide will provide valuable insights.

What Is Post Lake Lending?

Postlake Lending is a reputable tribal lender specializing in installment loans. Operating under tribal laws expands their service reach, allowing them to provide financial solutions in states where traditional payday loans face restrictions. Securing a loan is a straightforward process involving a simple online application requiring basic information.

How Post Lake Loans Works?

This lending platform operates entirely online. The application process involves sharing necessary details, which are promptly reviewed. The requested funds are swiftly disbursed upon approval, offering a convenient and efficient lending experience.

How To Apply?

Initiating the application process with Postlake Lending involves creating an online account and filling in the required details, streamlining the process for potential borrowers.

Post Lake Lending Credit Score?

This lending platform adopts a unique approach by prioritizing applicants’ ability to repay over conventional credit scores, offering a more inclusive lending solution.

Is Post Lake Lending Legitimate Or Scam?

Post Lake Lending emerges as a legitimate tribal lender based on reviews from TrustPilot, BBB, Reddit, and Google. However, customer complaints highlight concerns about high-interest rates, unauthorized withdrawals, payment date discrepancies, and reluctance to negotiate, shedding light on aspects borrowers should consider.

Post Lake Loans: Beware Of Unfair Practices

  • Outrageous Interest Rates: A significant drawback is the exorbitant interest rates, reaching an astonishing 777% on loans.
  • Unauthorized Withdrawals: Instances of Post Lake Lending withdrawing more money than agreed upon have been reported.
  • Payment Date Hassles: Customers have faced challenges as the company disregards specified payment preferences.
  • Refusal to Negotiate: Post Lake Lending’s reluctance to acknowledge mistakes or engage in fair solutions poses concerns.
  • Compromised Bank Accounts: Some borrowers have closed their bank accounts due to disruptions caused by Post Lake Lending’s questionable practices.

Post Lake Lending: Fraud Cases & Customer Service

Insights Into Fraud Cases

Legal challenges surround Post Lake Lending, with ongoing lawsuits addressing concerns like unclear loan terms and excessive interest rates, prompting caution among potential borrowers.

Post Lake Lending Customer Service

For assistance, contact Post Lake Lending’s customer service at 888-204-9549. Persistent issues can be directed to the hotline at 888-205-0023 (available daily from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm Central Time) or via email at support@postlakelending.

Post Lake Loans: Examination Of Pros & Cons


  • Straightforward Process: Obtaining a loan from Post Lake Lending is uncomplicated.
  • Credit Score Flexibility: Their focus on repayment ability rather than credit scores enhances accessibility.
  • Tribal Law Advantage: Operating under tribal laws enables service provision in regions where payday loans face limitations.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: Over 1000 positive reviews on TrustPilot indicate a level of customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Borrowing Limits: Returning customers can access higher loan amounts, reaching up to $5,000.


  • Legal Troubles: Ongoing legal issues raise concerns about fair business practices.
  • Transparency Issues: Some customers express reservations about Post Lake Lending’s transparency.
  • Industry Disapproval: Not all industry groups have endorsed their services.
  • Higher Interest Rates: Borrowers might face higher interest rates than traditional lenders.
  • Limited Availability: Post Lake Lending services may not be universally accessible, limiting potential borrowers.

Post Lake Lending Reviews: In Summary

In conclusion, Post Lake Lending presents itself as a viable lending option, yet weighing the pros and cons is crucial. While their straightforward process and flexible credit assessment are positives, potential borrowers should consider factors like higher interest rates, legal troubles, and limited availability before opting for their services.


Are Post Lake Lending reviews reliable indicators of the company’s performance?

While reviews provide insights, consider multiple sources and individual experiences for a comprehensive understanding.

What steps should I take if I encounter payment issues with Post Lake Lending?

Contact Post Lake Lending customer service at 888-204-9549 or escalate concerns to the hotline at 888-205-0023 or support@postlakelending.

Can I trust Post Lake Lending with my credit score?

It assesses repayment ability rather than focusing solely on credit scores, offering a more inclusive approach.

Is Post Lake Lending available in all states?

Availability may vary, and potential borrowers should verify the service’s accessibility in their region.

How does Post Lake Lending differ from traditional lenders regarding interest rates?

This lending platform may have higher interest rates, emphasizing the importance of evaluating the overall cost of borrowing.