There are millions of websites hosted online, but few of them are designed in such a way that they draw you in.

These websites managed to push the envelope of what experts believed to be possible on the web.

These include new design patterns, greater usability, superior interactivity and amazing value, that each of these sites provides.

If you want to study the latest web development trends, then you should cast an eye on some of the amazingly designed websites we have discussed in this article.

Design of a website is vitally important and to make it a success with the target audience you should focus on including attractive UI, high-security features, and a smooth workflow.

Each of the eight websites we have mentioned in this blog is a unique design marvel, and they are something to be inspired by.

Here is the list of 8 beautifully designed inspiring websites:

1. Airbnb

We have put the web page of Airbnb in this exclusive shortlist because it includes most of the points that make a website design look brilliant.

This website is designed in such a way that it draws in the viewer by a smartly designed landing page.

The homepage also has a range of engagement options including HD footage of travellers who are living like locals to inspire other travellers.

Furthermore, it includes the destination and a date search guide that helps the visitor to take the next logical step.

To make navigation hassle-free, the search tab comes with an auto-fill feature that highlights the user’s last search in the event they are already logged in.

Additionally, the primary, as well as secondary calls to action buttons are designed in such a way that they contrast heavily with the background helping them attract the focus of the user.

2. Dropbox

This is another website that should be part of an exclusive list that shows how websites should be designed so that they fulfil the business objective and adds to the overall marketing strategy.

If you open the homepage of this website, you will be greeted by a loop sided Hero image that immediately draws the focus of a viewer towards two CTAs.

Between these two CTAs, the premium one (which guides to the paid version of the tool) gets more prominence as it contrasts against a dark background.

The thing to learn from this website is that Dropbox knows the requirement of its target audience and offers a solution that helps the customers to overcome their pain points.

3. Mint

This is another brilliant looking website that creates an easy-going vibe thanks to its minimalist design approach.

This is the right design for a company that handles critical financial information.

People appreciate the unobtrusive, simple, yet highly functional design of this website.

Furthermore, the designers of the Mint website have intelligently used a locked image for the login button, which reinforces the importance of security this site offers to its customers.

4. Slack

The custom graphics on the Slack homepage give it a unique look and its tagline ‘where work happens’, beautifully illustrates the main purpose of this website.

The workflow of the website is very smooth that allows easy transition from one screen to another.

Furthermore, multiple search tabs allow the visitor to visit the section of their interest with minimum effort.

5. FreshBooks

This website is designed in such a way that it is easy to scroll and navigate between pages.

Its well-thought-out tagline “Join 5 million people using FreshBooks to painlessly send invoices, track time and capture expenses” reinforce the popularity of this website and addresses the pain point of small businesses for a hassle-free accounting process.

The positioning of the CTA button is smartly done using a contrasting background to make it easily visible.

Additionally, the offer of “try it free for 30 days” is a great way of engaging the attention of the user and persuading them to act immediately.

6. CarMax

CarMax is a big car dealer that both buys and sells cars. Its website is designed in such a way that it addresses both the business verticals smartly.

Different CTAs buttons guide the visitor to either buy or sell sections of the website.

Its custom-based Hero design with the logo of the company printed on the license plate is a great idea in brand promotion.

7. Cobb Paediatric Therapy Service

The homepage of this website is designed to cater to the multiple needs of the visitors.

The headline on the webpage is placed on a rotating carousel that directs the visitors to different sections of the website catering to either job applicants or contacts of child therapists for schools.

The website is designed with intelligently placed CTAs buttons that have high visibility and are simply worded.

8. StudioPress

This website follows the minimalist design in which you will find artistically drawn illustration that creates a great vibe.

The tagline of the company “Build Amazing WordPress Sites” leaves you in no doubt about what the company does.

For easy navigation, it has three CTAs that direct you to three different business verticals of the company.

The design of the website is sharp, clean and to the point.


You have seen eight real-life examples of brilliantly designed homepages of different companies.

These show how myriad web development trends can be intelligently used to reach out and influence your target audience.  

If you dig a bit deeper into the design and content elements of each of these websites, then you will come to realize that a great website must follow five important points.

  • A clear and authoritative headline.
  • No conflicting CTAs
  • Big and visible CTA button.
  • Use of contrasting colors
  • Always keep any offer above the fold.

Once you have built the website tailor-made for your target audience and present your products and services with their qualities, then you have created a successful website conversion tool.