Have you realized that you just don’t have enough space in your home? Maybe you had another child, started working from home or started a new hobby. No matter what your reason, if you have a basement, you have probably started considering a basement remodel to gain more usable space. These are some tips to help you prepare for your basement renovation.

Outline Your Renovation Goals

Your first task should include determining what you want to do with your basement. You may only want part of it converted, or your family could require all the space it can get. Determine what types of rooms you want and if they will require additional electrical and plumbing. Draw out your desired floor plan. Then, develop a budget.

Find A Great Contractor

Your basement remodel company should understand and have the capabilities and experience to complete the work you want done. Discuss your prospective companies’ experience, licensing, insurance and availability. Also, ask about any structural, plumbing, electrical and building code changes that have to occur. Find out if they use subcontractors and how they choose them.

Have the contractor walk through the job site to identify any potential problems, such as moisture or foundation challenges. Ask how the contractors would solve problems and if they have any suggestions.

Create A Detailed Plan

Before you begin your basement renovation, you need to develop concrete plans. Start with any structural changes necessary, including egress window installation. In most areas, bedrooms need at least one of these windows. You should also discuss the building materials you need with your contractor. Basements tend to be damp, so you may need metal studs and foam insulation as well as water-lock paint or caulking to seal any cracks.

Plan your electrical, plumbing, lighting and wall placement to create the space you want. Then, plan for workers to be in your home for a number of weeks or months until they finish your remodel.

Spend time on these initial preparation steps to save yourself headaches, time and money during the renovation process.