Whether you’ve been saving money diligently for many months to be able to entirely transform your living room or else are looking for more budget-friendly options to make small changes to the aesthetic of the space, the more of your own personality you inject, the better.

With this in mind, read on to discover how to add interest and character in your living room and create a space that the whole family will enjoy.

A Feature Ceiling

Usually, budding amateur interior designers never consider that the pattern and color of the ceiling can be changed, and instead begin with the walls when choosing paint.

Especially in the case of modern properties and certainly if your house is a new build, you’re probably working with a blank slate when it comes to the ceiling, so why not look into erecting a light, thin wooden veneer across the center? Not only will this add character in terms of interest and focus, but will also inject a vintage vibe, too.

A Unique Focal Point

The beauty of decorating any room is that you have full creative and artistic license to be as quirky and zany as you want, and there’s no better way to represent who you are than with a striking focal point.

You could choose a long, wide, ornate mirror, which will also maximize the volume of natural light in the room, or even replace your standard, boring wall clock with the ultimate in modern timepieces.

Take a look at the beautiful and unusual wall clocks in the UK available online and be inspired by the strange and quirky designs. You could even treat yourself to one to set off your new look!

Layered Textures & Fabrics

A few years ago, there was a huge shift toward neutral decor and decorations, especially in the more relaxing atmospheres of bedrooms and the living room.

The fashions for 2024 and beyond in terms of interior design are now introducing bolder, brighter, and more energetic splashes of color and bringing in your own personal favorite colors into the lounge is now fashionable as well as fun.

Instead of block color, you could choose contrasting textures and fabrics in different shades of the same color, like spring yellow or baby pink, as two examples, and layer color through throws and cushions on the sofas and chairs.

If you have an open-plan living room and dining room, to add to this new aesthetic, bring in the same colors into both rooms for a seamless flow throughout the ground floor.

Striking Patterns

Focal walls, usually with ornate and textured wallpaper, have been popular for a while now, but the only issue here is that if you become bored of a certain pattern, it’s a lot harder to change it.

Instead, choose more portable ways to bring in bold patterns, such as a table lamp with a monochrome appearance, or textured curtain poles which can be easily replaced or used in another room.