Australia offers so many opportunities for its residents to enjoy the great outdoors and the stunning scenery that comes with it. Be it mountains, or coastal paths, or perhaps one of the many national parks, there is no shortage of places to explore and discover. But before doing so, it is wise to ensure that the right clothing has been selected.

Having a plan in case of wet weather is always a good idea, especially if it also protects against the wind. Being warm is wise, as nobody wants to face exposure to cold climates which in the worst cases can lead to emergency situations. Likewise, feet need to be offered the best protection as they will be taking a lot of the strain when out adventuring. That’s why it is important to choose the right hiking boots. Here are a few tips when trying to make the right decision.

  • There are a wide range available to suit all preferences when sourcing a leading supplier with many stores around the country as well as an online ordering service and delivery. There are no wrong or right designs to choose. Much is down to personal choice in style with sometimes a favourite brand being given extra preference.
  • That said, it is wise to consider what type of terrain is being hiked. If it is undulating and made up of rough paths, then those offering support to the ankles might be a better choice. It is very easy to lose footing and turn an ankle on such ground, so having something firm and secure is a good choice. They are likely to be heavier so thought of the distance that will be covered might also be factored in.
  • Rough, rocky trails often decree that boots are a better option than lighter hiking shoes. There’s no need to cut back on fashion either, with some smart styles and designs being available that will hardly be noticeable when worn inside a bar or café when relaxing. Technology continues to advance to provide more comfort to the ankle as well as the sole of the foot which will take plenty of hammer throughout a thorough hike.
  • Such features as durability and being waterproof are also important, especially when heading along the side of streams which may need to be crossed. Through advanced testing, even the bigger boots are decreasing in weight as time goes by, which provides added comfort. The traction on the sole of a boot may also be something else that should be remembered, as a slip can end in serious injury.
  • While looking fashionable is nice, the fit of a boot is probably the most important factor. Having something that looks good but sees the foot slide around can cause blisters and other conditions which are extremely painful. Likewise, the foot should be allowed to breathe and not be too tight.

Choosing the correct hiking boots is extremely important to increase comfort, safety, and to make the whole outdoor experience more enjoyable.