Renewing your commission is crucial in maintaining your legal authority as a notary. This guide will help you understand the process and take proactive steps to ensure your application is approved on time.

Complete Your Application Early

To continue serving your clients as a Florida notary, you must complete your renewal application early. The state only accepts applications for reappointment within six months of your current commission expiration date.

Before applying to renew notary Florida, ensure you have a current government-issued photo ID ready to upload and verify your identity. Also, be sure to have all documents that need notarization prepared to be uploaded. Lastly, consider adding the Remote Online Notarization (RON) upgrade package to your notary renewal. This will enable you to notarize electronic documents 100% online over a live two-way video call with your clients.

Be Prepared To Pay The Fee

If you’re a Florida notary, you must renew your commission every four years. This process is quick, easy, and affordable with Cynanotary’s all-in-one renewal package.

The most important items you’ll need to submit when applying for a new commission are your oath of office and your seal/stamp, which is required to perform notarizations in Florida. You’ll also need a notary journal to record the details of each notarization you complete, and you may want to purchase errors & omissions (E&O) insurance to protect yourself against financial liability.

A fixed $39 state fee must be paid when submitting your application. However, the cost of your bond premium can vary depending on your location and the agency you work with. Be sure to check with the bonding company and notary services provider you’re working with for accurate quotes.

Make Sure You Have The Right Documents

The right documents are vital to ensure you can notarize in any situation. This includes guaranteeing satisfactory proof of identity, a seal, and other necessary materials.

Satisfactory evidence of identity typically requires a government-issued ID that contains a photograph and signature. This may include passports, driver’s licenses, or state identification cards. It should also match the name on the document you are notarizing. If there is a discrepancy, you cannot complete the notarization.

You should also have ready your bond information sheet, oath of office, and other essential pages. Then, you can begin the process of renewing your notary commission.

Submit Your Application On Time

The state recommends submitting your application for renewal at least six months before your current commission expires. This will give you ample time to complete the necessary steps without rushing or being caught off guard by an unexpected delay.

During the application process, you must submit several forms, including an Affidavit of Character (completed by someone who knows you well and can vouch for your honesty and character) and an Oath of Office. You must also purchase a four-year Florida notary bond and pay the state filing fee.

In addition, all notaries renewing their commission in Florida must also obtain a new seal. Florida law requires that you use a rubber stamp with black ink that displays your name, your current commission’s expiration date, your assigned commission number, and the words “Notary Public.”