Valorant is considered one of the brightest projects that burst into the team shooter genre and competed with CS GO.

To differ from Valve’s project, developers from Riot Games added their unique mechanics and features, including implementing a system of agents and special skills that will radically change matches similar to CS, but will bring new experience during Valorant rank boost.

Key Features Of Matches In Valorant

Key Features Of Matches In Valorant

This is a competition format between two teams of 5 players, each of which chooses an agent with unique skills that will have a significant impact on the outcome of each round, depending on their correct use and team actions.

The first squad to reach 13 wins will be the winner of the match, and all players will receive a increased rank in Valorant.

Skills can be obtained just like that, bought in the store at the start of the round along with a weapon, or earned for important game actions.

Agent System

Agent System

You can choose one of a large number of characters who will differ in unique skills and, depending on the complexity of their use, are divided on this basis into heroes for beginners, or experienced players ready for boosting in Valorant.


A hero who focuses on speed and maneuverability and can dash at any time to quickly get to the spike installation point, catch up with the enemy, move to another site, or, conversely, escape from a firefight.

She will even be able to dodge shots, which will be useful for beginners who still do not know the mechanics of the game and the places from where enemies can attack you.


One of the most important and useful heroes that Valorant has.

This is a full-fledged scout and shooter who can determine in advance the enemy’s movement, and his location, understand the enemy’s plans, and determine at what point on the map the defense forces are distributed, or where an attack is planned.

To do this, the hero uses an arrow, which the enemy must destroy, otherwise, you will be able to observe the territory for a long period.


This is a full-fledged attacking hero who relies on grenades and fire weapons to block the movement of enemies or limit vision.

You will be able to use fire grenades that will damage everyone who comes into contact with it, like Molotov in CS GO.

You can lay down smoke screens to make it difficult for enemies to reach the spike point, or to disguise your approach to the target.

Smoke does not protect against incoming damage, but it makes aimed shooting much more difficult.


A hero who can create special spheres in the territory through which nothing will be visible until they completely dissipate, or pass through them.

The main skill that sets the hero apart and makes him one of the most active and frequently chosen heroes for Valorant Boosting is artillery fire, which can destroy an entire team if held until the optimal moment.


This is a support hero who will be useful in any team and will be an ideal option for beginners because you don’t always need to shoot accurately, but rather heal, resurrect allies, or, block the movement of enemies and thereby help squad members gain rounds and get an increased rating in Valorant.

You can fully restore the health of one of your allies, or even resurrect a fallen ally, returning him to the battle.

If desired, Sage can place a wall that blocks passage until it is destroyed, which will indicate the enemies’ plans, or force them to change.

Tips For Beginners To Help Them Get Used To It Better

Learn To Shoot

Which agent would you not choose, first of all, Valorant is a shooter, and in addition to choosing an agent, it is important to be able to destroy opponents with targeted fire, and even healers and scouts can often become heroes of matches simply for the role of shooters, and then as auxiliary classes.

You can train in shooting ranges where you can try out all types of weapons, play on custom maps that are created so that players can train on them, or spend more time warming up before the start of the match.

It is important to feel the mouse, aim, and recoil, which will gradually bring about smooth movement, choosing a position, throwing grenades, and activating skills.

Study The Map

To understand how best to act in a particular territory where it is better to attack or defend and what points you need to pay attention to, you need to carefully study the game map.

Personal matches and full-fledged eSports tournaments, where you can follow the actions of professional players or streamers, will help with this. Also, if you wish, you can find a large number of guides and tips in video format that have been formed over the entire existence of Valorant.

Shoot All Weapons

In Valorant, as in CS 2, you need to be able to handle any weapon, because not in every match you will have a stable economy and sometimes you will have to be content with weak weapons.

It is advisable to be able to shoot with the starting pistol, for the sake of the initial rounds, which lay down the economy of the entire match.

Then you need to master submachine guns, which give an increased reward for killing and which are best used against the economic round of enemies, or when you have little money, but the team as a whole is doing well and by killing the enemy you can not only get increased income but also take possession his weapon without spending money on it yourself.

Assault rifles are the basis and most important weapon that allows you to penetrate any enemies and get a Valorant boost.

A sniper rifle is expensive, but it kills the enemy with one hit and each team tries to have at least one full-time sniper, but it is worth remembering that even one miss puts the shooter’s life at risk, so you need to learn on the fly and act quickly and accurately, otherwise, you simply won’t get out of economic rounds.

Shotguns are a good solution for a force round, where a team spends money on armor and a powerful pistol or shotgun to win the round against a well-equipped team.

It is worth remembering that a shotgun does a lot of damage up close, but at long distances it is ineffective.