Appslub is a gaming website that provides paid applications free of cost. It is simple to use and to download all kinds of the latest apps without hassle. is one of those applications available for both IOS and Android users. This article holds in-depth detail about the website. 

Are you interested in learning more about the website mentioned above and how to download applications from for IOS? Keep reading this article! 

How Does This Website Work? 

This website provides a gateway to applications free of cost to android users. It gives a tweaked and hacked game application. includes access to a large collection of premium apps and games. Within minutes one can download any app or contest through this website. But the question arises whether this website is safe to use or has any bugs that can damage the system. 

Is Appslub Safe To Use? 

It is essential to know whether this website is safe or not. So, we tested the authenticity of the website and tried to download an application on both android and IOS systems. It showed an application carrying a Trojan virus that can damage and corrupt the device. 

This application is unsafe to use as it can harm storage files in the system by introducing a bug. 

Steps To Download From Appslub For IOS 

The download method is simple and the same as another third-party website. There is a need to register to download any application. One can follow the following mentioned steps to download the application from Appslub:

  1. Open google browser and visit
  2. Once you land on the page, you can see a lot of apps
  3. You can search for any specific one over the search bar 
  4. Once you find the app, tap on the application
  5. After that, the popup will open, tap on start installation
  6. The downloading will take some time to complete  
  7. Once the downloading process finishes, you can enjoy using the app

Is Appslub Safe And Legal? 

All the apps and games available on Appslub are verified and free to download and install. Besides, it has SSL certification too, but on the contradicting part, any app that is downloaded from this website has bugs attached and can download files. Thus, we recommend you use this app sparingly for downloading. 

Reviews By Website Users

We tried to see if this website is popular and also tried to check if there are any users, but we found no information related to this website and also no customer reviews. We also looked on social media to see if any users had submitted any comments, but we couldn’t find any reviews related to this website. 

We got to know that Appslub website has only one-month domain age only. It provides an application that can corrupt the whole system with a Trojan virus. 


We want to end this topic by confirming that this Appslub website is unsafe and that downloading any application can disable your device function. 

Hopefully, we have given enough evidence to prove that this website is not safe for downloading any game.