At the end of 2020, there were 2.7 million residential solar systems in the US. And there’s no sign of solar power slowing down, as installation numbers increase by 32% a year!

All your neighbors’ houses have solar panels popping up on them, which has you thinking about joining the crowd. It’s a huge financial commitment though, so you want to be sure that the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Below are some benefits you can get from installing the best solar panels on your home.

Cut Down Utility Bills

If you have solar panels installed, you won’t be as reliant on the grid. As a result, you’ll draw less energy from it, and your utility bills will immediately be drastically lower!

With enough time, the savings will be enough for them to recoup the money you’ve invested into the system.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Solar energy is considered a renewable energy source. Both gathering and using solar energy don’t put anything harmful into the environment!

So if you’ve wanted to be more eco-friendly and responsible, this is the perfect route to take.

Sell Back Excess Energy

In some states, you’re allowed to sell back excess energy to the grid; this is called net metering. If you’re particularly conservative with energy use, then net metering can put some extra money into your pocket.

They’re Long-Lasting

In the past, solar panels used to be more fragile. But nowadays, they’re pretty durable, especially if you get the best solar installers on the job, such as Blue Raven.

Solar panel maintenance is easy, and if you keep up with it, your system can last up to 3 decades. When you split the cost across 30 years, it’s very affordable!

There Are Tax Cuts & Rebates

Are you concerned about solar panel installation costs? No need. Take advantage of federal tax credits—26% for installations from 2020 to 2022 and 22% for 2023—along with state and local incentives.

Just type “solar panel company near me” on your favorite search engine to find professionals who can maximize these benefits, ensuring compliance and optimal installation. Consulting with a local solar expert simplifies the process and amplifies your renewable energy investment.

Raise Your Home’s Value

Any upgrades to your property will automatically raise its value. Not only are solar panels more energy-efficient, but they make the home more modern as well. These factors combined will raise your home’s value.

In addition, this upgrade will make your property more attractive to buyers. Today’s homeowners are more eco-conscious, and solar panels are sure to make them flock to your listing!

Get The Best Solar Panels On Your Home

If you buy the best solar panels, they’ll pay for themselves in no time. Not only will you save on utility bills and lower your carbon footprint, but you’ll also get some tax cuts and rebates. Not to mention, you’ll raise the value of your house as well, so only good things can come from getting a solar energy system!

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