Big, old trees are highly important to preserve, in terms of biodiversity and both carbon absorption and storage.

Large old trees are prominent occupants of land and are well recognized for providing a variety of benefits to all the living beings. The numerous benefits of old trees include protecting the biodiversity, providing recreational and spiritual values, among other widely acknowledged advantages.

The older ones also offer a variety of social, environmental, and economic benefits that are often overlooked. The shade from large and grown trees adds extra value to the residential and commercial properties.

Therefore, when redefining a landscape, these century-old trees should be preserved without cutting them. They should always be taken into consideration. It’s the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the smooth tree-moving in a city, look for a safe place to plant it, and ensure its survival. Here, are some reasons why the old trees must be preserved.

Environmental Benefits

  • Such trees improve and mitigate the impact of environmental pollution, including capturing air pollution and absorbing traffic noise.
  • Older trees are far more valuable than younger trees, especially for biodiversity because they support a large range of animal and bird species.
  • They help to maintain the quality of water and soil of the area.
  • They are also important for the regulation of microclimate.

Economic Benefits

  • Having an old tree in your yard can increase your home’s value by almost 10 percent.
  • Also, properties with more mature trees that have a greater tree canopy cover are known to sell faster and have a higher property value as compared to properties without them.
  • Mature trees can help you save significantly on utility bills by providing shade to the house, thus, keeping it cool and blocking winds.
  • They also impart an immediate aesthetic look to your property and house.
  • Protecting trees while redefining land can help you cut down on long-term tree maintenance and replacement costs, along with site preparation and grading costs.
  • Being an older tree owner helps you generate good public relations and a positive reputation among your neighbours.

Social Benefits

  • Tree canopies, along with providing shade and looking aesthetic, also provide habitat to many animals and birds.
  • The mature trees in your home’s yards make a great addition to your children’s playground and are beautiful too.
  • Old trees have withstood different eras of history and help preserve your family memories.


Therefore, as a tree matures, it becomes far more valuable than its younger ones. The immense benefits offered make them worthy of your attention and care.

Since large trees are more prone to a higher risk of dying than younger trees, it is our responsibility to ensure that the centuries-old trees survive the coming years and stand as the epitome of history for our future generations. We have to preserve the trees so that the coming generations can reap their benefits as well.