Getting into your dream college can be difficult and stressful. With so many students applying for so few places, taking extra steps to perfect your application and increase your chance of success.

Consulting with a college admissions expert can make the process of applying for college much smoother and simpler. A college admissions consultant can guide you regarding creating the perfect application that showcases your qualifications, talents, and skills. They know exactly how to make your application shine and stand out to college tutors and admissions boards.

Finding the best college admissions consultant for your needs and preferences isn’t always easy. However, the team at Going Ivy is a great choice when you’re looking for expert advice on your college application.

So, why should you choose Going Ivy for your college admissions advice? Below, we’ve covered some of the many things that make Going Ivy great.

Expert Consultants

The college admissions consultants at Going Ivy have years of combined experience in helping students just like you to succeed in their college applications.

Choosing Going Ivy enables you to access expert consultants who can offer in-depth advice on personal essays, resumes, and recommendation letters. They will help you draft your application and smooth out the fine details to ensure it’s as good as possible, highlighting your research papers, academic achievements, and extracurricular interests.

Advice For Ivy League Applications

If you’re aiming high and wish to apply to one of the country’s Ivy League colleges, such as Harvard or Princeton Universities, Going Ivy should be at the top of your list.

Erin Goodnow, CEO of Going Ivy, and many of the consultants working at the company have helped many students successfully gain admission into a top Ivy League institution and enjoy immense career success. With such a strong track record, you can be sure that your Ivy League application will gain the attention of admissions boards, and you will achieve a place on your dream course.

Affordable Prices

Unlike many college admissions consultant companies, Going Ivy offers affordable pricing to all students, regardless of background or personal preferences.

Going Ivy understands that students can’t always fork the bill for expensive services. Whether you need a short consultation for some last-minute advice or long-term support in creating your college application, you can rest assured knowing you won’t be out of pocket by the end of the process.

Test Preparation Services

Most colleges set a threshold that applicants must reach in their examinations to be considered for a place on one of their courses. Going Ivy offers test preparation services that help you prepare for your upcoming tests and achieve to scores that increase your chances of a successful college application.

Whether you’re taking the SAT, ACT, PSAT, or graduate school tests, you can gain expert guidance, enjoy a stress-free exam period, and achieve the best results in your class with the help of a Going Ivy college admissions consultant.