It is true that we want our children to have the best in this life and we want them to have everything that we never had. Many Australian parents want to live vicariously through their kids and so they want them to do well in school and they want them to excel in sports. Many people would argue that one is as important as the other and so with that in mind, we need to start taking smartphones out of children’s hands and placing footballs, basketballs and other sporting items into their hands. Many more Australian kids are overweight and some are even obese and this needs to be addressed.

This is why it is so important that you look into after-school activities for your children so that they don’t remain sedentary sitting on the sofa just playing video games all day. One suggestion would be to sign up for basketball classes for kids and this helps them to meet other children just like them. It provides them with the perfect opportunity to make many new friends and to also learn about the importance of teamwork in this life. If you are somewhat reluctant to make your child to take part in such activities then the following are just some of the benefits of doing so.

They Are Much Healthier

As was mentioned briefly before, kids rely greatly on technology nowadays and if the Internet goes off then they all start to panic immediately. This is an unhealthy situation that we find ourselves in and so encouraging your kids to get out there into the fresh air and sunshine to play sports provides them with a much healthier outlook. Not only will they learn how to play a sport but their coach will also teach them about the importance of nutrition and eating the right kind of food. This will hopefully discourage them from eating fast food and highly processed food when they go to the local shopping mall with their friends.

It Teaches Them About Teamwork

There are very few people in this world who can make a success of themselves by themselves so it is a great life skill to be able to work as part of a team. In all likelihood when your kid finishes high school and then goes on to university, they will accept a job from a large corporation in which they will be working with many different types of people every single day. This is not a time when they can be socially awkward because it will not allow them to climb the corporate ladder and to take advantage of promotions that come their way.

Playing in a team sport teaches children many different skills and also teaches them the consequences when they make mistakes. Many children nowadays don’t know how to handle failure because it has never been taught to them. All of us fall in this life but you pick yourself up, learn from it and then move on.