When we think of enjoying our summer, we often dream of spending our days at the beach and our weekends in faraway destinations far from our own home. Whether you’re trying to save some money with a staycation or just looking for a little rest and relaxation at home, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this summer on your sprawling lawn or cozy backyard patio — from working out outside while looking like your best self to having that summertime BBQ with your besties. Check out these 10 ways to enjoy summer in your own backyard.

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Host A Backyard BBQ

Invite your friends and family to gather around for grilled food and refreshments as you relax in a lively atmosphere. Bring out the BBQ grill and let the air fill with the pleasing aromas of fresh food and the sound of fun and relaxing music.

Host A Picnic

Have a picnic in your own backyard by spreading out a picnic blanket. This can be a great activity to get the little ones outside if you have young kids to entertain. Pack some fruits and sandwiches along with refreshing beverages to enjoy while you bask underneath the warm sun.

Create An Outdoor Lounge

If hosting a picnic or BBQ isn’t really your thing, and you’d rather just hang out and take it easy, enjoy your backyard the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Transform your backyard into a cozy outdoor lounge with a large umbrella for shade, soft cushions for napping on and comfortable seating all around for you and your guests. This serene spot is the perfect summer oasis for an afternoon nap or just enjoying a nice conversation with your closest people.

Work Out Outside

For the person who wants to get up and go this summer without having to actually go anywhere, enjoy an outdoor workout in your backyard. You can enjoy backyard workouts like yoga, stretching or simply lifting weights outside. No matter what kind of outdoor workouts you like, look fabulous while wearing functional jewelry. This kind of jewelry differs from your special occasion delicate, precious metal jewelry. Functional jewelry is made from ultra-comfortable silicone, and there are plenty of options like brackets, earrings, rings and more to wear when you’re breaking a sweat in your backyard.

Work Out Outside

Have An Outdoor Movie Night

Stream the latest summer blockbuster in your backyard by hanging a white sheet or using a portable project screen. Set up a few blankets or bean bags as you enjoy a movie underneath the summer sky. Bring on the popcorn and drinks to really set the mood. The best part is that you can pause the movie whenever you need to take a bathroom break.

Plant A Garden

Try planting a garden and growing aromatic herbs or fresh vegetables that can be used in your summer recipes. This enjoyable and rewarding gardening experience allows you to embrace your green thumb and get something delicious out of the hobby.

Install A Hammock

Picture yourself swaying in the gentle breeze by installing a hammock in your backyard. All you need are two sturdy trees and a hammock to hang between them. Unwind with a drink in your hands or as you doze off while reading a book during a relaxing summer day.

Set Up Outdoor Games

If you’re having guests over or want to get the kids outside for some fresh air this summer, set up an outdoor game area in your backyard. Set up a range of outdoor games like croquet or badminton to give people different options. Playing an outdoor game with friends or family requires you to be a bit active while making memories that are sure to last a lifetime. Look good and feel even better when you’re wearing workout accessories for that game of cornhole or ultimate frisbee.

Set Up Outdoor Games

Create A Poolside Oasis

Even if you don’t have a pool in your backyard, you can still create your own poolside oasis. Consider getting an inflatable pool and adding lounge chairs and pool floats. Little ones will love splashing around. With your furry friends, you can even get them their own special inflatable pet pool so it’ll be fun for the whole family.

Build A Fire Pit

You can buy a portable mini fire pit or even build your own in the backyard. To build your own fire pit, you’ll need to dig a 6-inch hole for your fire pit, fill it with gravel and put a ring of stones together (usually about three layers) with masonry adhesive. There are plenty of DIY project instructions online, but that’s the basic idea of it. Once you’ve built your fire pit, you can gather around and start roasting marshmallows for a cozy ambiance and unforgettable memories.

Now that you’re inspired by all these different ways to embrace the joys of summer, it’s time to kick back and grab a cold beverage. Enjoy a little backyard bliss and enjoy the hot summer days while they’re here. In fact, according to Well Beings with Alysia, sunlight helps your body make vitamin D and creates that “feel good” chemical in your brain called serotonin. So enjoy that sunlight and much-needed vitamin D as you have fun in the sun.