Outfitting a business with desks, chairs, and other furnishings can quickly become expensive. However, skimming on office seating can save your business in terms of employee health (think back pain) and productivity.

Second-hand and refurbished office furniture is a sustainable solution that provides many benefits. Purchasing used chairs and desks saves your company money over buying new ones.

They Are Affordable

Outfitting a work environment with ergonomic office chairs, desks and cubicles can become expensive. Buying used furniture is an excellent way to save money on these items without sacrificing quality or variety.

It’s a good idea to list the non-negotiable features you are not willing to compromise on, such as height-adjustable armrests or a breathable mesh back. This can help you quickly comb through used-chair listings and avoid being distracted by the many appealing deals. It’s also helpful to see the chair in person before committing to a purchase. Sometimes, small details don’t appear until you’ve been sitting in it for a while. For example, a cylinder can slowly sink over time and cause the chair to feel uncomfortable or even unusable. The same goes for headrests, as some are angled to support people up to 5’9” and will cause neck pain for shorter workers.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Purchasing pre owned office chairs is an excellent way to keep furniture with a useful life out of landfills. Additionally, it’s one of the greenest options for office furnishings. If you are a committed eco-friendly shopper, write down the non-negotiable features of your ideal chair and then look for those specifics in your search. This will help you narrow your options to only the best environmental models. When choosing a new eco-friendly task chair, check for cradle-to-cradle certification. This means the chair was made from locally sourced and rapidly renewable materials and didn’t emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into your workplace’s air quality.

It’s designed to be easily disassembled and recycled to stay out of landfill. Additionally, it’s produced with renewable wind energy.

They Are Versatile

Providing comfortable office furniture is crucial to the success of your business. Not only will this increase productivity, but it also provides a healthy environment for your employees to work in. One of the most important aspects of a comfortable workstation is the chair, which takes a significant amount of pressure from an employee’s back and neck throughout the day. When shopping for a new chair, it can be easy to get swept up in the marketing hype and spend a lot of money on something that doesn’t deliver. When buying used chairs, you can choose various options, making it possible to find a great deal without sacrificing quality or comfort. However, when shopping for used office furniture online, it’s important to take the time to research a seller. Many sites that sell used chair parts rebrand low-quality chairs with names, so check reviews and BBB ratings before purchasing.

They Are Durable

A good quality office chair should last for years. However, it’s not inconceivable that a used one will degrade after five years. That’s because the seat foam, fabric, and arm pads will begin to wear down or break. The cylinders and wheels can also become damaged. Fortunately, these are replaceable parts and are fairly easy to find. When shopping for a pre-owned office chair, it’s wise to have a list of functions that are must-haves and a wish list of desirable features. This will make it easier to comb through online listings and avoid purchasing chairs that don’t meet your needs. It’s important to check whether or not a dealer is an authorized seller of the chair you’re considering buying. Dealers that sell used chairs but aren’t licensed dealers will often substitute original parts with generic ones. These replacements are typically lower quality and won’t fit as snugly with the chair frame.