If you think that plastic or cosmetic surgery is mostly done by women, you would be wrong. More and more men are taking care of their skin, and choosing to correct some of the issues they feel are less than perfect.

Older gentlemen are opting to get rid of their hooded eyes with an eyelift, others are going for a more significant change, with a full facelift. Dr. Joel Aronowitz, MD, a popular Beverly Hills physician has found that more and more men are scheduled for cosmetic procedures.

Men Wanting to Look as Good as Their Female Partners:

According to PlasticSurgery.org, more and more men are choosing many non-invasive procedures, like liposuction and facelifts. In fact, surgeons performed nearly 235,000 facelifts in 2020. Of those, the number of facelifts among men is increasing and is expected to continue to go up.

Why Are Men Choosing To Have Facelifts & What Are They?

Facelifts are popular with both men and women. But men seemed to have become more aware of their looks, and an increase in treatment occurred during the pandemic. Many feel that the popularity of Zoom calls made both sexes recognize what they really look like, and they took action.

Because facelifts are relatively non-invasive, and they are a long-term treatment to improve appearance. Another reason why more men are getting facelifts is that many more people are working from home, and find it easier to recuperate at home, than having to show up to work with bruising and looking much younger.

Are You A Good Candidate?

Not all men are good candidates for plastic surgery procedures. But those that suffer from any of these scenarios may benefit greatly from having a facelift.

  • Those with loose skin on the cheeks
  • Sagging jowls and non-descript jawline
  • Loose folds around the neck
  • Many wrinkles around the mouth and nose
  • Wrinkles and bags under the eyes

Which Surgery Is Best For You?

Many men understand that a facelift can make them look years younger, and only leave a small incision on both sides of the face.

According to WebMD.com, some of the most popular cosmetic treatments sought by men include:

  • Botox
  • Hair removal
  • Skin fillers
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical peels
  • Resurfacing
  • Nose surgery (rhinoplasty)
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Facelift
  • Hair implants

This is by no means the end of the surgery performed, but does represent some of the most frequent cosmetic treatments sought by men. Just like women, most men want to look their best during every stage of their life. Sometimes, they may need a little cosmetic surgery help.