Being a CBD consumer, you might have come across various products infused with CBD oil. But do you know you can even use CBD oil for your pet’s health? Yes, you heard it right. CBD is usually considered the best source of therapeutic properties that has a non-psychotic nature. This makes it a pure and edible source of supplements for daily health requirements.

Moreover, it has been discovered that CBD tincture is beneficial for humans and animals over the period. However, if you own a pet, you must know how difficult it is to medicate them. In that case, CBD oil tincture has come up as a great alternative. So, if you are wondering how CBD tincture benefits your pet or what does tincture mean, then keep reading further.


CBD tincture is a concentrated solution extracted from hemp oil and infused with medicinal alcohol, vegetable glycerine, essential oil, and CBD oil. Usually, it is preserved under a tight container and comes with a dropper for easy consumption. 

As more people get familiar with CBD oil, it is the right time to introduce CBD to a man’s best friend. Although it is not easy to feed them with medicine, they usually run away, spit it out and fear medicines. Therefore, it is best to add 3-4 drops of CBD tincture in their meal for seamless consumption.

Ways To Feed CBD Tincture To Your Pet 

CBD oil tincture helps treat irritated skin, seasonal health issues of your pet without any side effects or psychotic feelings. Although pets don’t mind the earthy taste of CBD tincture, so you can easily feed them with CBD oil. However, below we have shared a few ways to feed CBD tincture dosage to your pet. 

Infuse Tincture In His Meal 

The easiest way to feed CBD oil is to drop 3-4 drops of CBD tincture in his daily meal like pedigree, water, etc. You can add tincture drops to his treats that he loves the most or purchase already infused CBD treats. These treats are specially designed with different tastes, ingredients, and CBD tincture drops that treat his health while enjoying the snack. 

Directly Feed CBD Oil To Pets

As mentioned earlier, pets are comfortable with CBD oil taste, and you can easily drop 3-4 drops in his mouth while playing with him. However, do not use the bottle directly. He may break the bottle with his paws, which will be risky for you and the pet. Instead, utilize the dropper that comes with the pack and gently feed the drops to his mouth. Again, the direct dosage is ideal, as it easily gets into the bloodstream and starts showing the results quickly. 


  • Start with an adequate tincture dosage with your pet, monitor his reactions, and gradually increase the dosage if required.
  • Always check the weight of your and decide the dosage accordingly. Try to refer to the instructions and dodge instructions given on the pack of tincture oil. However, to be on the safer side, you can give your pet 2ml per day for a simple and easy dosage. 
  • Always remember not to increase the per-day dosage of your pet without consulting your pet doctor. 


Hopefully, this article was helpful enough to guide you regarding CBD oil tincture and how you can utilize it on your pet. Although it is always recommended to consult the doctor, we recommend you consider the guide given above for a detailed overview.