Several common electrical installation problems are common in a lot of homes. Some include flickering lights, rodent infestations and over-circuiting the electrical panel. You should be aware of some of these to take care of them.

Frayed Wiring In The Weatherhead

Faulty wiring is responsible for tens of thousands of house fires in the United States annually. A thorough inspection will go a long way toward keeping your family safe. In particular, you want to pay attention to cables that reach your windows. Also, make sure you have a good seal around your outlets. Unsealed receptacles can lead to moisture intrusion. Having a new one will not only save you the hassle of returning it yourself, but it will also ensure future problems are avoided.

The best part is that most utility companies will gladly assist you. Call an electrical contractor philadelphia pa, for a consultation if you need help knowing where to start.

Over-Circuiting The Electrical Panel

You must know a few reminders about electrical systems to buy a new home or upgrade to a more energy-efficient home. An overload on your system can be dangerous and even lead to your house burning. Understanding a few common overload signs is a great way to protect your investment and your family.

The most common sign of an overload is the tripping of the circuit breaker. When the breaker trips, the power in your house stops. You can avoid this if you are careful with how you use the power.

Another common overload sign is the dreaded short circuit. If you aren’t careful, this can lead to a fire or even a small explosion.

Rodent Infestations

If you live in a home, you are probably aware of the dangers of rodents. These pests can carry diseases and cause property damage. There are several ways to prevent a rodent infestation, but if it is already present, you may need to call a professional.

When a rodent enters your home, it will often find a safe hiding place and chew through the walls, floors, and insulation. This can lead to electrical problems.

It’s essential to detect the presence of a rodent in your home because it is not uncommon for the animals to have an odor and leave droppings. This fecal matter can also transmit dangerous viruses.

You can also detect a rodent infestation by the sound of their gnawing. Rodents have solid teeth and can chew through wires. They can also cause electrical fires.


Most of us have encountered an electrical problem at some point. Some of these may be relatively minor, while others may require the services of a pro. Regardless, a little know-how goes a long way. This article is designed to help homeowners, and wannabe do-it-yourselfers avoid some pitfalls that can occur. Hopefully, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding the dreaded red-black ailment.

The best ways to avoid snafu in the first place are to read up on your local code book or to take the helm. However, if you need help dealing with the nitty gritty, your best bet is to hire a licensed electrician. And be sure to get a thorough estimate before paying for the service.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are a common problem caused by many different issues. Some of these problems can be easily fixed, while others can be more serious and require the attention of a professional electrician.

Flickering lights can be caused by various things, including loose wiring, faulty switches, and other problems with your electrical system. Contacting an electrician is the best way to solve the problem. However, you can try these solutions before calling an expert if you need more clarification.

Flickering lights are a common occurrence in houses, but they can also be dangerous. Older electrical systems can be vulnerable to fires. Regardless of the reason for the flickering, it would help if you never ignored it. It’s a warning sign that there’s an underlying problem.