In today’s online shopping landscape, distinguishing genuine deals from potential scams is paramount. This investigation sheds light on, an e-commerce platform promising unbeatable bargains on Jordan sneakers. However, several users have doubts about whether this website is legit or a scam. Upon closer examination on Daynear reviews, a web of concerns emerges, compelling us to reconsider before making a purchase.


Beware, is far from a reputable online store. It entices shoppers with appealing Jordan sneaker prices. However, there are various factors that cast a shadow on its credibility.

Critical Considerations Before Shopping At Daynear

  1. Customer Complaints: A chorus of discontent emerges from customers who engaged with the website. They share a common grievance: the store’s failure to send confirmation emails or tracking information after debiting their credit accounts. Attempts to reach customer support have proved futile, painting a grim picture of the website’s reliability. One frustrated customer lamented, “They will not answer my emails. I’ve sent 3. The number they provided does not work. They will not give me my money back.” Such testimonials highlight the store’s dubious nature.
  2. Fictitious Business Address: Daynear lists 5065 Main St, Trumbull, CT 06611, United States, as its contact address. However, upon investigation, it becomes evident that no such office or warehouse with the brand’s name exists at this location. This discrepancy raises serious doubts about the store’s legitimacy.
  3. Nonexistent Customer Support: Efforts to reach the brand’s customer support have hit a dead end. The provided email address,, does not function. This email address has also been associated with other dubious Jordan shoe stores. Furthermore, the telephone number provided is unrelated to and is the official contact number for a different Jordan shoe store.
  4. Unrealistic Discounts: They lure shoppers with unbelievably low prices. However, these prices are too good to be true and serve as bait to ensnare unsuspecting buyers. Authentic stores do not offer such massive discounts on genuine products.
  5. Lack of Security: The website lacks essential security measures, such as McAfee or Norton protection. This vulnerability exposes customers’ personal and financial data to potential hackers.

Daynear Reviews: Is Legit?

When assessing the legitimacy of Daynear, it’s essential to consider the numerous red flags and customer complaints that have surfaced. These concerns raise significant doubts about the website’s status as a legitimate store for Jordan sneakers.

In Conclusion

In summary, Daynear is a notorious scam masquerading as a Jordan shoe store offering unbeatable discounts. However, evidence suggests that customers who place orders are unlikely to receive their purchased items. Given the myriad of issues highlighted in our Daynear reviews, it’s advisable to steer clear about this online store and explore reputable retailers when shopping for Jordan sneakers online.

Online shoppers must exercise vigilance, conduct thorough research on websites, and prioritize their online security to evade fraudulent schemes like Daynear. Protect your hard-earned money and personal information from such deceptive practices.


Is legit?

The website raises significant doubts about its legitimacy due to unresolved customer complaints, nonexistent customer support, and other concerning factors.

What are the key concerns when shopping at this store?

Shoppers should be wary of business operations’ failure to send confirmation emails, a fictitious business address, unresponsive customer support, unrealistically low discounts, and a lack of essential website security.

What measures can I take to safeguard myself against online shopping scams, such as Daynear?

To avoid falling victim to scams, conduct thorough research on online stores, verify contact information, read customer reviews, and prioritize secure payment methods and websites when shopping online.