In the dynamic landscape of online shopping, exploring is a crucial step towards ensuring a trustworthy and satisfying experience. These thorough reviews aim to uncover the authenticity of the website, providing insights into its range of products and gauging the overall satisfaction of its customers. Keep reading to equip yourself with the information needed to answer the question, “Is Fabulove legit?” and to embark on a secure and informed online shopping journey. Details

Operating under the broad category of Bracelets, Anklets, Necklaces, and Rings, officially registered its domain on 2nd August 2022. The relatively recent registration date raises queries about the website’s longevity and prompts considerations about its overall legitimacy.

Featured Products: takes pride in offering an alluring selection of products, with standout mentions such as:

  • Magnetic Love Bracelet Set
  • White Gold Necklace – With Real Rose – To My Love
  • FabuLove Eternal Flower Bouquet

These featured products add a touch of elegance and charm to the platform, capturing the attention of potential customers.

Features Of Fabulove Co

Email Communication: Fabulove Co provides an email address ( for communication, offering customers a direct channel for inquiries.

Payment Options: The website accepts payments through PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard, providing customers with various secure payment options.

Shipping Policy: Fabulove Co claims to offer worldwide free shipping, with a dispatch time of 1 to 3 business days. This could be advantageous for customers looking for efficient delivery services.

Return Policy: The return policy is customer-friendly, stating that defective or damaged products can be eligible for a full refund or replacement within three days of delivery. The dedication towards ensuring customer satisfaction is a great attribute.

Drawbacks Of Fabulove Co

Limited Contact Information: The absence of a contact address and phone number raises concerns about the transparency of Fabulove Co. This lack of comprehensive contact details may impact customer trust.

Social Media Presence: The website lacks social media links, which are often considered crucial for establishing an online brand’s credibility. This absence may make it difficult for customers to engage and connect with the brand through popular platforms.

Trust Score: The relatively low trust score of 81% may create skepticism among potential customers. Trust scores are significant indicators of a website’s credibility, and a score on the lower side might deter some users.

Verification of Claims: The absence of social media links and low trust scores may raise doubts about claims, such as worldwide free shipping. Customers may seek additional reassurances regarding the validity of these offers.

Pros & Cons Of Fabulove Co

Pros Cons
Valid SSL certificate and HTTPS for secure transactions. Low trust score (81%) and negative external reviews.
Clearly stated policies on shipping and returns. Limited contact information, no physical address or phone number provided.
Recent domain registration raises concerns about long-term commitment.

To Sum Up: Reviews

As we conclude our exploration of reviews, it is prudent for potential customers to approach this platform with caution. While the website showcases an appealing range of jewelry, there are notable concerns that warrant attention. The absence of comprehensive contact information, a limited social media presence, and a trust score of 81% raise concerns. Negative external reviews and recent domain registration add to skepticism.

Informed decisions are paramount in the world of online shopping. Before engaging with Fabulove Co, potential customers are strongly encouraged to delve into customer feedback and reviews. Your valuable experiences can contribute to a safer and more transparent online shopping community. As the saying goes, “Buyer beware,” exercising caution is the key to a secure and satisfactory online shopping journey.


Is Fabulove legitimate?

Answer:’s legitimacy raises concerns due to limited contact information, a low trust score of 81%, and negative external reviews. It is advised to thoroughly research and consider customer feedback before making a purchase.

What are the featured products on

Answer: offers an enticing selection of jewelry, including the Magnetic Love Bracelet Set, White Gold Necklace – With Real Rose – To My Love, and the FabuLove Eternal Flower Bouquet.

How secure are transactions on

Answer: Fabulove Co ensures secure transactions with a valid SSL certificate and HTTPS. Payment options include PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard, providing customers with various secure methods.

What is’s return policy?

Answer: Fabulove Co has a customer-friendly return policy. Defective or damaged products are eligible for a full refund or replacement within three days of delivery. However, customers are advised to review the policy in detail for specific terms and conditions.