In the bustling realm of fitness apps, FitCoach has sparked both interest and skepticism. This collection of FitCoach reviews aims to provide a comprehensive view, delving into the app’s promises, user experiences, and potential pitfalls. Before you commit to a subscription, read on to uncover the truth about FitCoach.

Overview Of FitCoach

FitCoach positions itself as a comprehensive fitness app, promising users personalized workout plans and meal guidance. The app’s marketing pitch suggests it can contribute not only to physical well-being but also emotional balance and improved life control. While the promises sound enticing, recent discrepancies have surfaced, prompting a closer look at FitCoach’s actual offerings.

Unveiling User Complaints

While FitCoach may not be outright labeled as a scam, a surge in user complaints suggests a darker side. Numerous users have reported being charged for subscriptions, even after opting for a modest one-month trial. The crux of the issue lies in hidden charges and an alleged lack of refund policy, prompting some users to question the app’s integrity.

Testimonials & Concerns

To provide a comprehensive view, let’s hear directly from FitCoach users who’ve voiced their experiences:

“I had a horrible experience with them. They have hidden charges and took my money. Stay away from them.” – Merari Zuñiga

“Money-grabbing business only interested in taking your hard-earned cash… PLEASE DON’T BE FOOLED BY THESE RIP-OFF MERCHANTS.” – Elizabeth Blue

A Guide For Users: How To Cancel Subscription?

For those entangled in the FitCoach subscription web and seeking an escape route, canceling might not be as straightforward as expected. Here’s a step-by-step guide for both Apple and Android users:

For Apple Phones:

Open Settings.

Tap on your name and go to “Subscriptions.”

Tap on your Apple ID, view Apple ID, and select “Subscriptions.”

Find Fitness Coach & Diet: FitCoach and choose “Cancel Subscription.”

For Android Phones:

Open the Google Play Store.

Navigate to “Subscriptions” in the menu.

Choose the FitCoach subscription and tap on “Cancel Subscription.”

  1. FitCoach: Proceed with Caution

Conclusion & Words Of Warning

While FitCoach has gained attention as a viral fitness app, the rising tide of user complaints suggests caution is warranted. While not definitively labeled a scam, the app’s transparency and user satisfaction are under scrutiny. Before diving into a FitCoach subscription, consider exploring alternative fitness apps with more straightforward practices.

In the vast landscape of fitness apps, informed decisions are crucial. FitCoach, despite its popularity, may harbor complexities that users should be aware of. This exposé encourages a discerning approach, ensuring that your fitness journey aligns with your expectations and remains free from unexpected hurdles.


Is FitCoach legitimate?

Answer: FitCoach has garnered attention for its personalized workout and meal plans; however, recent user complaints about hidden charges and subscription issues have raised concerns. While not definitively labeled a scam, users are advised to exercise caution and explore alternative fitness apps.

What sets FitCoach apart in the fitness app landscape?

Answer: FitCoach positions itself as a comprehensive fitness app offering personalized plans for both workouts and meals. Its marketing pitch emphasizes contributions to physical well-being, emotional balance, and life control. Recent discrepancies in user experiences prompt a closer examination of FitCoach’s actual offerings.

What are common user complaints about FitCoach?

Answer: Users have reported being charged for subscriptions despite opting for a one-month trial, pointing to hidden charges and an alleged lack of a refund policy. Complaints highlight concerns about the app’s integrity, urging potential subscribers to consider these issues before committing.

How can I cancel my FitCoach subscription?

Answer: Canceling a FitCoach subscription may not be as straightforward as signing up. For Apple users, navigate to Settings, tap on your name, go to “Subscriptions,” and cancel Fitness Coach & Diet: FitCoach. Android users should open the Google Play Store, go to “Subscriptions” in the menu, and cancel the FitCoach subscription. Always check for confirmation to ensure the cancellation is successful.