You have heard of family law solicitors, but you don’t know exactly what they do and can they help you in your specific situation?

This article explains family law solicitors’ role and tasks and lists all the pros for contacting them!

What Do They Do?

Dealing with some sensitive family issues, family law solicitors help you to face and solve your problems.

They also know best how to deal with stress – that way they can clear and cool your head.

Their important role is taking a part in negotiation or mediation, in which they invest all of their expertise trying to get the best result possible.

How Exactly Can They Help Me?

Divorce, prenuptial agreement, property settlements, annulment of marriage, domestic violence, children and parental rights, etc.

If you’ve found yourself in any of these situations, don’t hold back – get in touch with solicitors who have some very useful legal advice to share.

Think about your (and your children’s) welfare!


Whatever the case may be, the most important part is making sure your child’s well-being is preserved. Family law solicitors fight for the best possible outcome, whatever the solution may be.

They help you make the right decision, whether it’s applying for a contact order, joint residence order, or something else.

Domestic Violence

Being scared and afraid in your own home is something nobody should be going through. That is why it is very important to try to work things out and to fight for your rights!

Family law solicitors will take needed legal steps to keep you safe and protect you.

Family Mediation

Taking that final step and getting a divorce is something everyone tries to avoid. In that case, your answer may be family mediation.

Solving family problems and sharing your thoughts and difficulties can be hard.

Family law solicitors can arrange your mediation proceedings and help you to work on your relationships!

How Does It Work?

Making an arrangement about debts and assets doesn’t need to wait for your divorce to be final. Also, it doesn’t need to be brought up to the court.

Disagreements are not uncommon in family law. So, in case your ex-partner doesn’t agree, be informed about your obligations and rights!

We believe this can all sound a little bit too much.

That is why Solicitors from MJW Law help you to exercise your rights. With their years of experience they offer you a guideline, practical and emotional help and support throughout your journey!