Cost is probably the first thing you consider when looking to purchase an electric scooter. After all, you want an eco-friendly transport that isn’t heavy on your pockets. The electric scooter cost depends on various factors.

On one end, you have scooters costing as low as $100 for children, and on the other hand, you have high-performing, powerful e-scooters for adults costing a whopping $2000 and above. Well, if you are looking for a long range electric scooter for yourself, which is a true value for money, this guide is for you.

Types Of Long Range E-scooters

The cost-saving, sustainable, and durability of electric scooters for adults have made them popular worldwide. Owing to the increasing demand for e-scooters, manufacturers have introduced several variants and types of e-scooters. These are

Low-End Electric Scooters

The low-end electric scooters are the most affordable ones, costing as low as $300. These scooters are typically made for children as they feature underpowered motors and low-capacity batteries and are less powerful than the other two types.

While the kids’ electric scooters typically fall in this range, there are commuter electric scooters that cost around $250. These bikes are good for a daily commute and offer better features. These are pretty portable, lightweight, and perfect for making a quick trip to the groceries. Low-end scooters typically cost up to $500.

Intermediate Electric Scooters

Intermediate electric scooters are far more powerful and durable than the low-end scooters. They are ideal for intercity travel and feature better battery capacity, powerful motors, and better build quality. These scooters normally cost $500 – $2000 and offer a top speed of 40+ mph.

High-End Electric Scooters

Then we have the high-end electric scooters, such as the Varla Eagle One V2.0, Pegasus, and the Eagle One PRO All Terrain Electric Scooter costing $2000 – $5000, which are the best alternative to motorbikes. These premium scooters feature heavy-duty batteries and hydraulic braking systems and can travel distances of up to 50 miles with an impressive 40+ mph top speed.

Comparing An Electric Scooter Cost To Other Toys

If you are skeptical about getting an electric scooter for your little one, thinking it may be costly, that’s not the case. A typical bicycle costs $100 – $300, whereas you get a motorized low-end electric scooter with excellent features in this range.

If we talk about video gaming consoles like Xbox or PlayStation, they cost hundreds of dollars, excluding video games. Your children will spend all day glued to TV screens. But, if you get an electric scooter for your kid, they will spend their time outdoors, socializing with others, and commuting to their school while saving time, money, and fuel.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Long-Range Electric Scooters

The electric scooter cost depends on various factors, such as battery capacity, range, motor power, and build quality. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Battery Capacity & Range

Battery capacity and the type of batteries used have a huge impact on electric scooter cost. Lead-acid batteries are cheaper and cost less, whereas lithium-ion batteries are costly and increase the scooter cost. They also last longer than lead batteries.

Regarding range, the higher the top speed (40+ mph), the pricier would be the scooters. If you want a scooter for your daily chores, then you don’t need to purchase high-range bikes. A mid-range scooter would be best. But, if you are looking for some adventure, you need to pay the price.

Motor Power & Performance

Motor Power & Performance

Motor power also impacts the scooter cost. The more powerful the motors would be, the better the incline capacity would be. Powerful motors also withstand heavy loads without affecting the scooter’s performance. Hence, they cost more.

Build Quality & Features

The build quality of an electric scooter also influences cost. E-scooters made from durable materials like aluminum or carbon fiber are lightweight and cost more. In contrast, a scooter made from low-quality material would cost less and require frequent repairs and maintenance.

Similarly, the scooters having advanced features would cost more than the ones having basic features. All of these factors influence scooter costs. It is up to you to decide which scooter you need to fulfill your requirements.

Case Study: Varla Electric Scooters

Varla Electric Scooters combine innovation with design and offer the best value for money by incorporating top-notch features, durability, and performance. These scooters take your commute to the next level by offering you a comfortable journey.

Pegasus City Commuter Electric Scooter

If you want an affordable commuter scooter, consider the Pegasus City Commuter Scooter. This mid-range scooter comes with a dual 500W hub motor and 48V lithium-ion batteries that offer 28+ miles per charge.

This scooter can easily traverse 99% of urban roads, making it the perfect commuter scooter. The puncture-proof tires and dual shock absorption system make it highly safe. Also, it has an emergency braking system, so you don’t need to worry about city traffic.

Eagle One V2.0 Powerful Off-Road Electric Scooter   

Eagle One V2.0 is a fast electric scooter offering aesthetics with performance. Featuring a powerful 1000W dual hub motor, the Eagle One V2.0 produces 36 Nm torque that can easily climb up to 30 degrees slope and hills.

This scooter offers a top speed of up to 42 miles and comes with adjustable gear options for an enhanced experience. The dual hydraulic brakes and shock absorption system ensure you have a bump-free ride. This scooter is ideal for intercity travel.

Eagle One PRO All Terrains Electric Scooter

Presenting the most powerful and the most durable long range electric scooter, the Eagle One PRO All Terrains Electric Scooter. If you are an adventure lover and love going off-road, this e-scooter is for you. Featuring a cutting-edge 1000W hub motor, this scooter produces an impressive 3600W peak power output and a 36Nm torque that provides you the ultimate thrill. It is equipped with advanced E-ABS braking technology and is excellent at heat dissipation, making it suitable for every weather.

Test Our Long Range E-Scooters

How We Test Our Long Range E-Scooters?

We run several tests to check the range, top speed, and braking of our long range electric scooter. The range test is conducted with underperformance and energy-saving modes on bumpy routes at max speed until the battery dies.

The top speed test is done with the e-scooter on its highest top speed setting on a flat route to see how fast it goes. For braking, we accelerate the scooters to above 15 mph and then apply all brakes as hard as possible. This helps us check the reliability of our scooter’s braking systems.

The Bottom Line

The electric scooter cost varies depending on factors like motor power, range, top speed, etc. The low-end scooters cost below $300 but come with few features, whereas long range electric scooters cost above $2,000 but offer top-notch features.


Which is the longest range electric scooter?

Varla Eagle One PRO All Terrains Electric Scooter is the longest-range e-scooter, offering a range of 45 miles and a top speed of over 45 mph per single charge.

What is the price of a long range scooter?

The price of a long-range scooter varies from $2,000 – $5,000 depending on features.

Can electric scooter last 10 years?

Generally, a long range electric scooter lasts up to 3 years. But, if you take adequate care of your scooter, it may last longer than 10 years.

What scooter has a 70 km speed?

Varla Eagle One PRO electric scooter has the highest range of over 70 km (45 miles).