With winter here, it’s hard to escape the sniffles and colds that seem to be spreading among family and friends. A great way to keep your family healthy this winter is to improve the quality of your indoor air. Keep your interior breathing easy and free of contaminants with this simple guide.

Vacuum Regularly

Keep winter from taking a toll on your indoor air quality by regularly vacuuming your floor. As daylight hours get shorter, carpets and rugs are often the last things to be covered up. Dust mites and other allergens love to thrive in dark places with little air circulation, so go ahead and vacuum up debris.

Apply Zero VOC Interior Paint

Enhance your indoor air quality and overall health using high-quality, zero VOC interior paint in your home. As we spend more time indoors, especially during colder months, the quality of air we breathe is crucial. Zero VOC paints emit minimal toxic emissions compared to traditional paints, reducing exposure to harmful chemicals. This creates a safer environment and helps maintain cleaner air free from strong, lingering odors, making your indoor spaces fresher and more pleasant.

Replace Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters make your heating and A/C system work harder and cut back its lifespan. That’s why it’s important to replace them when they become dirty. Over time, many factors can increase filter wear like extreme heat and humidity, exposure to pets, frequent cooking in the kitchen, dust from construction, and painting. So the sooner you replace your filters, the better.

Grow Indoor Plants

In the winter, air can get stale, especially in cities where people tend to keep windows closed. Improve your indoor air quality by growing plants indoors that have purifying abilities. Studies suggest that keeping household plants can also improve your emotional and physical health.

Open Your Windows

Every time you open a window in the winter, you allow your home to breathe. By removing stale air and replacing it with fresh, healthier air, your home becomes more comfortable and helps keep indoor pollutants out of your lungs.

Hire A Professional Furnace Installation

If you’re looking for the most affordable and effective way to keep your home comfortable all year long, a new high-efficiency furnace may be just what you need. A new furnace can lower heating costs up to 50 percent and reduce indoor air pollutants by up to 90 percent, making your home healthier for everyone. Get a new furnace installed in your home now!