The bond between horse and rider is special. However, it takes a lot of time and energy to forge and breakable spawn with your mount. If you have recently bought a new horse, you will need to spend some time strengthening your relationship. Use these three tips to get started.

Try A New Event

There are a lot of equestrian events to choose from, and one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship with your horse is to try a new one. When an event is new for both you and your mount, you have to trust each other to learn how to compete properly. For example, if you have never jumped before, you may want to invest in schooling horse jumps to practice in your home arena. You were mount will develop jumping skills and you will need to learn to trust your horse to get you over the jumps safely.

Groom Your Mount

Grooming your horse is necessary every time you ride it. You want to take good care of your horse so you need to spend plenty of time roaming it after every ride. However, grooming is also a great way to bond with your horse. For you are now, grooming feels like a relaxing massage. Make it a habit to groom your horse every day even if you don’t have time for a ride. A quick grooming session can strengthen your bond quickly so even if you don’t have time for a long session, it can still be beneficial.

Invest In Lasting Equipment For Your Horse

Another way to promote bonding is to provide your horse with the right gear, like saddles, headcollars, and pads, that will make sure the horse is comfortable and safe. Saddle pads, for instance, are a great way to comfort your horse, as they help distribute the weight and pressure, preventing problems both for the horse and for the rider. There are various types of saddle pads, but it’s a great idea to choose a custom made to highlight your horse’s individuality. By prioritizing the horse’s comfort and well-being, you will show how much you love and care for them, thus strengthening your bonding.

Spend Time With Your Horse

Riding your horse is one of the best ways to form a bond with it, but on days when you just don’t have time for a long, relaxing trail ride, you can settle for just spending time with your mount. If your horse is grazing in the pasture, just sit nearby and let your horse enjoy your presence. Keep your mount in the stall, make sure you give your pet plenty of love, attention and treats.

You want to build an unbreakable bond between yourself and your horse. Whether you have owned your mount for many years or have just brought it home, you can use these three tips to strengthen your relationship. If you take the time to forge a strong bond with your horse, you will be amazed at how much more enjoyable riding becomes. Start strengthening the bond with your horse today by using these tips.