Keratin is a naturally occurring protein in hair, nails, and skin. It is an effective solution for lash lifts and tints because, unlike perm salts, a keratin treatment doesn’t cause any damage or dryness to your natural lashes.

To extend the lifespan of your keratin lash infusion, you will need to follow some guidelines after your appointment. During the first 24-48 hours, avoid water, steam, mascara and oils as they can weaken or reverse the results.

Keep Your Lashes Dry

Your lash lift will last up to 12 weeks with proper care. Unlike eyelash extensions, which must be reapplied regularly, a keratin lift requires only periodic touch-ups.

To extend the life of your lashes, keep them untouched and dry for the first 48 hours after your appointment. This means no makeup, cream, or cleanser. It would help to avoid steam rooms, long hot showers, and hot tubs. Also, chlorine eats away at the glue that holds the lashes in place, so you should wear goggles when swimming. Also, you should avoid oil-based skincare and cosmetic products, such as micellar water, face wipes, and cleansing oils.

Instead, use a gentle cleanser designed for the eye area and a clean spoolie brush to remove debris and maintain your flirty, fluttery look. Keeping your lashes and brows in top condition with regular brushing, avoiding excessive heat and moisture, and following these simple lash retention tips for clients will ensure you’ll love your lashes for as long as possible!

Avoid Oil-Based Products

The best way to maintain your lashes is to avoid oil-based products, which can cause the keratin solution to deteriorate or even dissolve. This can damage your eyelashes and prevent your lash lift from looking its best.

You should also avoid using face creams, exfoliators or oil-based cleansers around your eyes or near your lashes, as this can make your skin too sensitive to handle the keratin solution. This is especially important if you plan on getting a lash tint, which will darken your lashes for a more dramatic effect.

Keratin lash infusion treatment is unlike any other lash enhancement service, as it not only boosts and lifts your natural eyelashes but also tints them. This makes them appear darker, thicker and longer for a more pronounced look that lasts up to eight weeks. It also guarantees healthier lashes, as it bathes them in the same keratin found in your hair, skin and fingernails to improve their strength, length and thickness.

Avoid Eye Makeup

Unlike lash extensions, which are semi-permanent synthetic fibers that are hand-glued to each real eyelash one at a time and can appear heavy or clumpy if the process is done incorrectly, a Keratin lash infusion only enhances your natural lashes. This procedure darkens, volumizes and curls your lashes to give you that rolled-out-of-bed look, and since it depends on the wildlife cycle of your eyelashes, results last much longer.

Almost everyone is a candidate for this treatment, which can be an excellent alternative to eyelash extensions. It also requires less maintenance.

We recommend abstaining from mascara and an eyelash curler two days before your appointment, as well as any cream-based liners or other products that may affect the condition of your lashes, to ensure they are relaxed and dry for the best result. The lash lift and tint take about an hour from start to finish, and you must avoid water, steam, oils or creams on your lashes for 48 hours post-treatment.

Schedule Your Appointment

For the best results, you should have your lash lift done every 6-8 weeks to keep your lashes looking full and healthy. The treatment will also lift new eyelash growth, giving you long and beautiful lashes.

To prepare for your appointment, make sure that you avoid using mascara or curling your lashes for at least 48 hours before your session. It would help if you also refrained from using oil-based products on your eyes or lash line. It would help if you also came to your appointment without eye makeup and contact lenses.

Our patented keratin lash infusion is unlike any other lash perm in that it fuses real keratin to each lash, leaving them super hydrated and healthier than ever! It is the perfect solution for those that want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It is also the ideal alternative to extensions. It is completely heat free, dries in 30-40 minutes and lasts 4-8 weeks.