In our ever-shrinking world of Teams and Zoom calls, business travel remains a key part of the corporate world. It provides invaluable face-to-face opportunities to meet clients, attend conferences, network, and explore new markets. To seal deals over coffee and croissants. So, get the trip planning on point and give your boss the best chance of a fruitful and profitable trip.

Why Is Business Travel Important?

Meeting in person as opposed to remotely allows for greater engagement and productivity without distractions caused by tech delays. Building a business relationship becomes more straightforward as facial expressions and body language are easier to read when meeting face-to-face, leading to greater empathy and collaboration. Interactive tools such as whiteboards and flip charts are easier to bring into play. The list goes on.

Organization Is Key

Organizing business travel has its challenges. Turning up for meetings on time isn’t always a given. From flight delays and airport transfer no-shows, business travel can be stressful and frustrating. Organization is vital to minimize if not eliminate risks.

For your boss, their time away will be filled with back-to-back meetings, trying to keep up with the office across different time zones, and fighting off jet lag. Their time is precious, and their time is money. Administrative assistants have the pressure of meticulously coordinating travel. A missed meeting could mean a business upsell opportunity is lost. A tiny, cramped hotel room next to a busy elevator could mean a sleepless, tired exec attending an 8.30 am meeting the next day.

The Aim Of The Trip

Ultimately, business travel needs to be efficient, productive, and cost-effective. For efficiency, the business traveler needs to be clear on what they expect from the trip. Arriving on time and with minimum stress is their basic requirement. To ensure this, you could use private jet flights for executives that offer route flexibility and optimum comfort and service all without the queues and crowded airport terminals you get when traveling with airlines.

Accommodation & Itinerary

When choosing accommodation for business travelers, consider the amenities your boss might appreciate. Having good wi-fi is non-negotiable, but a decent-sized, in-room desk is an option or even hotel hot desk spaces. Some execs may want to wind down with a post- or pre-work jog or swim so gym and pool facilities will be necessary.  And 24/7 room service will be needed if arriving late at night or early morning.

The location of the accommodation is important. The hotel-to-meeting place timings need to be added to a seamless trip itinerary. Are the destinations walkable or is a quick cab needed? Is the hotel near a subway for regular, reliable transportation? The itinerary should include all flight details, transportation information, accommodation details and information relating to meetings or conferences.

Preferences & Support

Always speak directly to your boss before deciding on travel arrangements. If there are different options, present them to your boss. For instance, an aparthotel could suit a longer stay by offering larger more homely living space. And while your boss is away you must be reachable for when they need to check or even alter any part of their itinerary.