It is one of the frequently asked questions among new vapers that how long the e-liquid will last soon after purchasing it. They also get worried about vaping expired juice. Is there any harm in vaping expired juice? Or, does the vape juice actually taste bad over time? Well, this content is going to answer all your questions.

How Long Does The E-Liquid Last?

Just like food, e-liquids come up with the dates before which they are best to use. After that mentioned date, your e-liquid will be no longer be of the same quality. Based on the ingredients, manufacturers set the expiry date, and here is a brief discourse on how the date is set upon the use of the ingredients.

PG or Propylene Glycol comes with the shelf life of 2 years, whereas VG or Vegetable Glycerin lasts up to 4-6 years. Generally, flavours of e-liquids last up to 1 year, but the use of PG or VG make the e-liquids to last longer along with their flavours. 

Moreover, the date of the expiry also depends on the production of the e-liquid. If the e-liquid in the UK was created in a laboratory, by the qualified chemist, it will last longer than the product manufactured in a random place. Laboratory-made products are comparatively safe and taste better as well. 

How To Know That The E-Liquid Has Expired? 

As soon as you reach the bottle of e-liquid that was in stock and out of the sight, the first thing you may rush to do is checking the e-liquid expiration date. So, has the date come or gone? Unfortunately, if you can’t find the expiration date, here are the few things you must check-

  • Storage: Was your e-liquid stored in an unsuitable location? Sometimes e-liquid get spoilt before the estimated date if it is not stored properly. So, you inspect it carefully, as soon as you get them for vaping.
  • Separation: Upon carefully watching the e-liquid, you will find the heavier and denser elements of the e-liquid have sunk to the bottom of the bottle. As soon as you shake the bottle, you will find how easily they got mixed with each other. However, if you find that the content is still separated after a lot of shaking, then probably your choice has gone for a toss.
  • Smell: Just like other edible liquids like milk or fruit juice, if you find an unpleasant smell coming from the e-liquid, then your e-liquid has expired. In the case of most e-liquids, you will not get a drastic change in look and smell of the e-liquid. So, if you find the smell and look of the liquid is a bit odd, then it is no more of your use. 

How To Stock Your E-Liquid?

The best way to store the e-liquid is to place them in a cool and dark area, which is away from the sunlight. The heat from the sunlight will cause the e-liquid solution to break down. Hence, experts from Voro Vape advise to avoid leaving your liquids on the window sills and inside your car as well. In case you have already done so, the best way to ensure the quality of the e-liquid is to check for its colour. 

E-liquid starts taking yellow hue and gets darker with time. To combat this situation, you should take a bottle of dark colour and tightly seal it whenever you are not using it. 

How Does The Presence Of Nicotine Impact The Usability Of E-Liquid?

It is regardless to say that e-liquid without nicotine tend to have a longer shelf life than the nicotine-infused liquids. Nicotine has its own expiration date, and if you eliminate this ingredient, the shelf-life of the e-liquid completely depends on the PG and VG. 

The breakdown process of the nicotine-infused e-liquids makes nicotine less effective. As a result, the 6-milligram liquid may feel like giving a 3-mg hit.

What To Do With The Expired E-Liquid?

Have you ended up with a few bottles of spoilt e-liquids? If yes, then you must dispose of the liquids responsibly. And, there are several methods of doing so-

  • You can dump the e-liquid down the drain.
  • Pour the unused e-juice in the kitty litter bag. Since the cat litter absorbs the liquid, it keeps other animals from getting sick when they get into the garbage.
  • Mix your unused e-juice with water and use the solution across your garden. Since plant-eating insects dislike nicotine, you can spray the solution on your plants to keep the pests away. 

If you find yourself frequently disposing of unused e-liquid, then it’s high time to reconsider the amount of liquid you buy at a time. It will better if you buy a lesser quantity for a few weeks. Fresher the bottle, better the taste!

So, now you know how to store the e-liquid to make it last longer and what to do with the liquids which are no more in use. Follow these basic things and stock up the e-juice in a manageable way.