House fires cause damage to the entire house and create a stressful situation. The conditions are so overwhelming that you start panic and can’t think what to do next. In fact, it feels downright impossible.

However, if you know where to begin and what to do can help put your life back together. Thus, if you have suffered a house fire, these tips can help you and your family overcome this difficult time.

Contact The Insurance Agent And Police

The first thing to do after a house fire is to file your claim immediately. If you alert your insurance carrier sooner, you can begin the repairs earlier or start searching for a new shelter. Some carriers offer help for daily expenses. These funds are extremely useful if you have lost your credit/debit cards in the fire.

Empty homes, even if they are damaged, are attractive locations for the looters. By alerting local police about the fire, you can rest assured that your property is safe in your absence. You can board up doors or windows to provide an additional layer of security.

Make A List Of Damaged Items

Creating a list of things that were damaged in the fire ensure that you are reimbursed. Some carriers need detailed information, like the make and model of the article, receipts, etc. It can be difficult to gather if your home is completely destroyed. You can search for online bank statements to present the proof of your purchase.

Furthermore, it is also crucial to make a list of the documents lost in the fire. Documents like birth certificate, medical records, driver’s license, passports, etc. won’t be replaced immediately. Ask the insurer which documents you need for the claim, and replace them first.

Don’t Enter The Damaged Home Until It Is Deemed Safe

Fire leaves behind fumes and weakens the structure of the building. If you want to return home to save your undamaged belongings, wait until a firefighter reaches and mark the area safe for entering.

Re-entering the fire-damaged home too soon is dangerous and may void the parts of your insurance policy. Also, it may cause issues in the reimbursement later.

Collect The Undamaged Things

If your house is partially damaged and deemed safe to enter, go ahead and check the possessions that are not damaged. But, it is necessary to clean these things before you store them. Also, many things you want to save might need to be cleaned professionally.

You can seek help from fire damage restoration companies to restore the fire-affected items. They are professionals who use specialized tools and equipment to repair the damages. They will go the extra mile to fix the damages that may go unnoticed otherwise.

Wait To Turn The Utilities On

Sometimes, firefighters may turn off the utilities to prevent further damage. So, if your utilities are disconnected, call the fire department office, as well as utility providers, to turn the utilities on.

Connecting unsafe utilities may cause gas leaks, additional fires, or water damage. Have a professional fire, water restoration team to inspect your home before you attempt to turn on the utilities.

Find A Place To Stay

Most of the homeowner’s policies pay for the food, shelter, and clothing. You and your family may need it for a specific period of time. Contact the local disaster relief, church, friends, or relatives who can help you find a place to live.


Fires are disastrous that can devastate your home and family. They cause a great deal of emotional trauma and unsettled feelings. But, you need to be strong during this tough time and help your family to recover. The tips mentioned above can help you do so better.