LeafedOut has changed a lot, rebranding itself from LeafedIn to LeafedOut after successfully resolving a trademark dispute with LinkedIn. In this article, we examine LeafedOut’s evolution, highlighting its features and positive aspects. Additionally, we provide insights into how to use LeafedIn, offering a comprehensive guide for new and existing users.

LeafedOut’s Evolution

LeafedOut’s rebranding signifies not only a shift in name but also a strategic move to enhance its community-focused marijuana networking platform. LeafedOut resolved the trademark dispute with LinkedIn, which paved the way for a new era for this cannabis platform. The company has created a reputable place in cannabis tech, recording rapid growth in its user base, organic pageviews, and revenue.

Features Of LeafedOut

The following section includes the different features of this Cannabis community platform:

Rapid Growth

LeafedOut recorded year-over-year growth, with over 150% growth in its user base, 100% growth in monthly organic page views, and significant revenue and job listing increases. This data reflects the platform’s popularity and efficiency in connecting cannabis enthusiasts.

Social Responsibility

LeafedOut earned a separate fan base with its dedication to social responsibility, marijuana activism, and veteran and patient rights advocacy. The platform’s focus on community values has echoed positively within the cannabis community.

Innovative Technological Offerings

LeafedOut’s commitment to technological innovation is evident in its disruptive product offerings. The platform continuously strives to enhance user experience through features like a streamlined mapping interface, improved security, and encrypted infrastructure.

Real-Time Cannabis Information

LeafedOut users benefit from real-time access to local cannabis news, creating a comprehensive platform for staying informed about marijuana industry developments in specific cities and regions.

LeafedOut: Navigating The Cannabis Community

LeafedIn, now seamlessly integrated into LeafedOut, is a vital tool for navigating the cannabis community. The platform provides forums and discussion boards offering real-time, local cannabis news. Users can access accurate and up-to-date information, fostering a sense of community and connectivity. The mapping capabilities empower users to explore cannabis-related services in their cities, aligning LeafedOut with top industry players.

A Guide For Users: How To Use LeafedIn?

For both seasoned and new users, LeafedIn serves as a valuable networking solution. The platform ensures safety, anonymity, and convenience for cannabis users. LeafedIn’s daily maintenance and commitment to user privacy through welfare checks and blacklist updates contribute to its positive reception within the cannabis community. The article offers a comprehensive guide on leveraging LeafedIn for direct connections between vendors, consumers, employers, and workers.

LeafedOut’s Roadmap & Future Initiatives

LeafedOut’s strategic rebranding has allowed it to scale optimally for rapid growth. The company has begun partnering with capital investors, acquiring advisory support, and securing proven executive leadership to solidify its position as the premier digital marijuana connectivity tool.  In 2024, they plan to make more technological progress to secure their position as a top player in the cannabis tech field.

In Summary

In conclusion, LeafedOut’s rebranding and growth showcase its commitment to innovation in the cannabis tech sector. The positive aspects, including resolving the trademark dispute and rapid growth, underscore its success. However, like any evolving platform, challenges may arise. Users should stay informed about potential changes and developments in LeafedOut’s journey.


Q: What prompted LeafedIn’s rebrand to LeafedOut?

A: The rebrand was prompted by a strategic move to enhance the community-focused marijuana networking platform and resolve a trademark dispute with LinkedIn.

Q: How has LeafedOut differentiated itself in the cannabis tech industry?

A: LeafedOut stands out through its focus on social responsibility, marijuana activism, and dedication to veteran and patient rights.

Q: What features does LeafedOut offer to ensure user safety and privacy?

A: LeafedOut provides improved mapping interfaces, enhanced security measures, and a strongly encrypted infrastructure to ensure a safe and streamlined user experience.

Q: How can users navigate the cannabis community using LeafedOut?

A: LeafedIn, seamlessly integrated into LeafedOut, offers forums, discussion boards, and real-time local cannabis news for users to stay connected.

Q: What does LeafedOut’s roadmap for 2024 entail?

A: LeafedOut’s roadmap includes technological advancements, strategic partnerships, and executive leadership acquisitions to solidify its position as the premier digital marijuana connectivity tool.