Exploring Libiyi.com for budget-friendly shoes? This article uncovers concerns surrounding Libiyi Shoes—tempting prices, questionable quality. Delve into Libiyi Shoes reviews for insights on inferior products, customer discontent, and a challenging refund policy. Discover the aftermath of shopping at this website, including risks with PayPal use. While not explicitly branded a scam, red flags signal caution. For past Libiyi.com shoppers, actionable steps ensure transaction security. FTC-endorsed tips provide defense against the surge in online shopping fraud. Stay savvy for a secure digital shopping journey.

About Libiyi Shoes

Libiyi.com, an e-commerce platform offering a range of footwear, including shoes, sneakers, and sandals, at remarkably low prices, raises suspicions of being a doubtful platform. Thinking of making a purchase? Think again! Here’s why the website is far from a trustworthy shoe brand.

Reasons To Avoid Shopping From Libiyi.com:

Inferior Made Shoes: Despite the seemingly high-quality appearance in pictures, the shoes delivered by Libiyi are of low quality. The website employs a bait-and-switch scam, showcasing attractive images but delivering cheap imitations.

Complaints and Negative Reviews: The brand has garnered a meager 2.5-star rating on Trustpilot, with numerous complaints about poor quality, flimsy materials, and incorrect sizing. Customer dissatisfaction is evident in reviews, urging caution.

“Do not buy Libiyi shoes. They have non-existent customer service! The shoes are cheaply made and a plastic sort of material. It is impossible to return them. I have tried everything. Terrible company and terrible product!!” – Martin

Located in China: Contrary to its claim of being based in Franklin Park, IL, Libiyi shoes are manufactured in China. Products made in China are often associated with poor and flimsy materials, visible glue, and overall inferior quality.

Shady Refund Policy: While this online store asserts a 30-day refund policy, it comes with a significant catch. Customers are required to bear the return shipping cost to China, amounting to $70. This expensive return process leaves buyers stuck with defective shoes.

What Happens When You Shop From Libiyi.com?

Libiyi.com operates by debiting customers for purchases, sending confirmation emails and tracking details, but ultimately delivering counterfeit or substandard shoes. Refund requests prompt demands for a $70 return shipping fee or offer an $8 consolation fee instead of accepting the return.

Safety Risks Using PayPal On Libiyi.com: Uncovering Concerns

Despite the perceived safety of PayPal, shopping on platforms like Libiyi.com involves nuanced risks:

Limited Protection: While PayPal offers buyer protection, its coverage has conditions and may not encompass all scenarios.

Tracking Number Exploitation: Fraudulent stores exploit PayPal by providing tracking numbers unrelated to the actual purchase, complicating dispute resolutions.

Complex Dispute Processes: Dubious platforms engage in intricate processes, making it challenging for buyers to prove their case and secure refunds.

Delayed Issue Realization: Buyers might not immediately recognize product issues, creating a time gap before discovering problems with the received items.

What To Do If You’ve Already Shopped From Libiyi.com

Contact Your Bank: Quickly contact your bank or financial institution to cancel the transaction. If acted upon promptly, you may secure a chargeback.

File a Dispute Claim: In cases of completed transactions, file a dispute claim to address the issue through proper channels.

Secure Credit Card Information: If you provided personal information, especially if you created an account or used the same password elsewhere, take steps to secure your credit card information to prevent unauthorized access.

Conclusion: Libiyi Reviews

Libiyi is an untrustworthy shoe store that employs deceptive marketing practices. It fails to deliver quality products and refuses refunds, raising concerns about its legitimacy. Based on our findings of Libiyi reviews, we do not recommend Libiyi for online shoe shopping.

Protecting Yourself From Online Shopping Scams:

As reported by the FTC, online shopping fraud is on the rise. To safeguard yourself, follow these steps:

Check the Domain Age: Investigate the age of the website using who.is, as older domains tend to be more reliable.

Verify Physical Location: Confirm the provided return address on Google Maps to distinguish between a real warehouse and a potential residential address.

Check Reviews: Look for customer reviews online, and exercise patience if none are available. Alternatively, seek verification from reliable sources.

Social Media Presence: Ensure that social media icons on the website are functional, leading to legitimate social media pages.

Staying vigilant and following these precautions can help you steer clear of potential online shopping scams.


Is Libiyi.com a scam?

While not explicitly a scam, it raises red flags due to its flimsy shoe material, questionable return policy, and poor customer support. It lacks credibility as a reliable shoe store.

What issues have customers encountered with Libiyi Shoes?

Customers have reported receiving inferior-quality shoes, encountering difficulties with returns, and expressing dissatisfaction with customer service. Reviews highlight concerns about the overall reliability of Libiyi as a shoe brand.

How can I protect myself when shopping online?

To safeguard your online shopping experience, check the domain age of the website, verify the physical location, and review customer feedback. Additionally, ensure the website has a functional social media presence. Stay informed and follow these precautions to avoid potential online shopping scams.