In the world of cleaning products, the North Moon Bubble Cleaner has gained significant attention for its claims to effortlessly dissolve stains and leave living spaces fresh. The North Moon Bubble Cleaner reviews delve into a user’s experience with this cleaning solution to determine if it lives up to the expectations.

Overview Of North Moon Bubble Cleaner

The North Moon Bubble Cleaner markets itself as a versatile cleaning solution capable of tackling a wide range of cleaning challenges. It boldly states that it can effectively dissolve stains, remove grease, and eliminate dirt. Moreover, it boasts the ability to maintain the freshness of toilets and kitchens for up to three months. The manufacturer asserts that this cleaner is suitable for various surfaces, including plastic, fabric, rubber, canvas, gel coat, finished leather, glass, PVC, vinyl, metals, fiberglass, wood, and more.

A User Experience

A decision was made to put the North Moon Bubble Cleaner to the test by ordering it from Amazon. It arrived promptly within five days, but upon inspection, a noticeable difference became apparent. Contrary to the aerosol form seen in advertisements, the product was delivered in a pump container. Following the instructions on the bottle, the reviewer proceeded to apply the product by spraying it onto the target area and wiping it away only after a couple minutes using a sponge or a towel.

However, the application process encountered an unexpected challenge. The “foam” produced by North Moon Bubble Cleaner did not adhere to the surface as expected. Instead, it quickly slid down, making it difficult to apply effectively. In practice, it was discovered that the product is not a foam but rather a thin liquid contained within a squirt bottle. The application process became cumbersome, and even after using the cleaner twice, the results were far from satisfactory. Stubborn rust spots on a tap remained untouched.

Is The North Moon Cleaner Effective?

The third-party North Moon Bubble Cleaner reviews and experience revealed that North Moon Cleaner did not deliver on its promise. Even after a second attempt, it failed to remove stubborn stains effectively. Furthermore, upon attempting to contact the company for clarification, it was discovered that no email address or phone number was provided for customer support. This experience echoes the sentiments of many users who have reported similar issues. The product consistently falls short of its claims, leaving customers dissatisfied. Additionally, complaints about extended delivery times are widespread, with some customers waiting nearly five weeks to receive their orders.

Pros & Cons Of North Moon Bubble Cleaner:


  • It is rinse-free.
  • It has a wide range of applications.


  • It did not work as advertised.
  • Delivery can take an extended amount of time.
  • It is relatively pricey.


Based on this user experience, North Moon Bubble Cleaner appears to fall short of its lofty promises. It struggles to effectively remove stubborn stains, and its delivery times leave much to be desired. As such, potential customers are advised to exercise caution when considering this product.

FAQs: North Moon Bubble Cleaner Reviews

  1. Does North Moon Bubble Cleaner work on all surfaces?

North Moon Cleaner claims to be versatile and suitable for various surfaces, but real-world experiences vary.

  1. How long does it take for a North Moon Bubble Cleaner to arrive after ordering?

Delivery times for North Moon Bubble Cleaner have been reported as lengthy, with some customers waiting several weeks.

  1. Is North Moon Bubble Cleaner cost-effective?

Despite its claims, some users have found North Moon Bubble Cleaner to be relatively pricey for its performance, prompting them to question its overall value.