Are you planning about shopping at the IKEA store near your location? Well, shopping at IKEA is already an event. You can shop for inexpensive items, find the best deals, and save a lot. But you can save even more money on IKEA shopping and buy more stuff. Below are the seven shopping hacks for saving money at IKEA.

Shop From The Warehouse

It is necessary to avoid impulse buys and avoid the temptation to buy more altogether. Look at the IKEA website; you will get to know the names and numbers of all the items you need.

This way, you can skip the trips through the eye-catching displays, visit the store with a shopping list, and buy only what you came for. So, show up, enter the store through the exit and go to the warehouse.

Join IKEA Store’s Loyalty Program

Like many other stores, one great way to save at the IKEA stores is by joining their loyalty program. Once you become a member of the IKEA family, you will get discounts on several menu items at the IKEA restaurant.

Joining the IKEA loyalty program offers you VIP service. Not only will you get a chance to win a gift card every month, but you also get everyday member prices on the IKEA family product range. Moreover, with an extended 90-day return policy, you get more time to return the items.

Shop In The As-Is Section

The as-is section consists of the clearance department and misfit toys. Here, you can find returned or previously displayed items at huge discounts. If you want to get the first glance of the items, customers returned on the weekend, visit the store on Monday morning.

Keep in mind that the items you buy from the as-is section can’t be returned. So, avoid making any purchases hastily only to end up wasting money.

Don’t Ignore Those ‘Last Chance’ Tags

Take those yellow tags with the words ‘Last Chance’ as serious warnings. These are the last products in the limited edition or the items that are discontinued. The best thing is, such tags come with discounts.

While the amount of discount set by the local store may vary, you can still take advantage. The discount generally lies between 15% and 50%. Look at the IKEA weekly ads & flyers to know about the latest discounts and offers available in the store.

Shop During The Kitchen Event

The key to saving money at IKEA is to see the IKEA weekly ads and know what deals are trending. If you want to shop for kitchen items, try to shop during the kitchen event. IKEA gives you money back on the IKEA gift cards, allowing you to save money for later purchases.

This event takes place three to four times a year and lasts for a few weeks. You may find insane discounts on the kitchen items, i.e., 15-20% off on kitchen purchases of $2000 and above. Thus, if you are planning for the kitchen renovation, waiting for the kitchen sale is worth it.

Plan Your Shopping Spree For Tuesdays

A trip to the IKEA store is an affair of long-hours. You are likely to get hungry when you are there. IKEA houses a restaurant for the shoppers and allows two kids to eat free if you purchase one adult meal. Thus, if you are a member of the IKEA family, you can grab a cup of coffee or tea to fuel your body and shop.

Wait For The Moving Week Sale

IKEA offers a moving sale week deal during July. This is when you can find sales. You may get up to a 50% discount on your purchases. In addition, you will find different deals every couple of days. This allows you to move to the new place with IKEA’s best products.