Grabify is a powerful tool which is free web-based IP getting and used for shortening URL. From this tool, users can easily find someone’s location using their IP Address.

But there are a number of various tools similar to this which perform similar tasks.

We would recommend you to use Grabify because it is simple to use and not so complicated to use as compared to other similar tools. If you search it on Google it will show its popularity and large usage. It currently possesses 66,073,484 IP logs registered.

What Is An IP Address?

IP address stands for Internet Protocol Address. It is a numerical label assigned to each device that is connected to a computer network which uses Internet Protocol for communication. Basically, IP Address has two main functions.

  1. Network Interface Identification.
  2. Location Addressing.

How To Use Grabify To Track Someone’s Location:

Grabify is very simple to use and it is not so complicated as it does not require any technical knowledge or you need any master’s degree it just gives you the only knowledge you require and it is as simple as sending links to people.

How To Do It

  • You can get a link to any trending or exciting topics that you’re sure about that person would not ignore your message and will click on the link you sent.
  • Then go to the website of Grabify and then paste the link into the box “Enter URL or tracking code” you will see this on the homepage of the website.
  • Click on the “Create URL” then you will see a pop up message that requests its user’s to agree to their terms of use, then agree to it. If the URL successfully generates the users are redirected to a new page where some more information is required.

Important Things To Note:

  • Your new URL will look like “”. You can sent it to the person whose location you want to identify. It is advised to change the field to something else. So that your target doesn’t get to know about Grabify because of its high popularity.
  • Your tracking code will be what you have entered to reach your logs.
  • Your access link enables you to survey your logs by immediately visiting it. This reduces the tracking time.
  • Recently Grabify launched a Smart Logger Feature which gives further information about your target such as information about target’s device, its battery percentage, device GPU and many more amazing information. You surely don’t wanna miss it.

After customizing your link, it is ready to send out.

Now you can send the link to the people whose location you wanna find out. But be creative with the link.

Make sure that your friend or that particular person must have clicked the link, then you can go to the homepage of Grabify and insert your tracking code or else you can use the access link.

Now you can get the actual data about the target that has clicked the link

You can get more “data info” about the user. Just turn on the smart logger and you can view more information than the default.

Note: Grabify tracks everyone’s location who clicks on the link including yourself.

So, you just found someone’s location!