For business owners, hiring the wrong personnel may be expensive and time-consuming. Background checks can uncover information that job applicants may not disclose during an interview or on their application.

Using a reputable background screening service that follows federal regulations can protect businesses from liability. These checks verify job applicants’ identity, confirm education and work history, and check for criminal records.

Prevents Bad Hires

Using the right background screening services can prevent bad hires. Hiring someone with a criminal record and financial or employment issues can cost lost time, wages, and legal costs. The cost of a rogue employee can also be measured in damage to the company’s reputation and losses from negative publicity.

A credible screening provider will help you create and maintain a comprehensive screening policy compliant with laws. They will be able to provide you with guidance and support through every step of the process.

The best way to prevent a bad hire is to use background checks, including credit checks, criminal records, driving history, education verification, social media, and reference checks. Look for a provider that provides high-quality results, up-to-date forms, and responsive customer support. They should also offer a flexible account hierarchy for different locations, departments, and users. It can significantly benefit large organizations with multiple HR teams and decentralized hiring processes.

Prevents Fraud

According to the article, businesses lose $50 billion a year due to employee embezzlement, fraud, and other forms of dishonesty. Background checks help employers identify potentially untrustworthy candidates and flag them for further scrutiny. These services can also uncover exaggerated academic and employment data or crucial information that an applicant hasn’t disclosed, such as criminal records, bankruptcy or other legal matters, driving records, and credit checks.

A trustworthy background screening service will ensure all searches are performed correctly and legally. They must be capable of abiding by federal rules like the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and possess a thorough knowledge of regional legislation relevant to your firm’s area and the applicant pool.

Consider a company that offers flexible and customizable plans to suit your business needs. It should handle a variety of searches and provide an easy-to-use platform that can integrate with your HR systems. It should also accommodate different business sizes and multiple locations by allowing you to select packages based on volume, number of users, and account hierarchy.

Prevents Disruption

Bringing in new employees can boost your business’s productivity, but every person added to your team poses a potential risk. A bad hire could harm a customer, steal company secrets, or cause costly problems.

Background checks can prevent disruption in a variety of ways. For example, social media screening tools scan candidates’ online profiles for racial slurs and nudity and check for any criminal convictions that might raise red flags.

In addition, a background check can help you stay compliant with federal and state laws regarding employee screening. Look for a background screening service that follows these regulations and offers various services, including criminal records searches, credit checks, motor vehicle records searches, identity verification, and more.

Prevents Neglect

Background checks reduce the risk of hiring someone with a criminal history that could lead to neglecting your staff and patrons. They also verify the information a job applicant has provided on their resume and job application, such as degrees and certifications earned or work experience.

YSOs should always have a strong background screening policy in place because of their duty to protect staff and patrons from applicants who pose a threat. A failure to perform a background check on an employee or volunteer who later commits a felony can result in negligent hiring lawsuits.

When choosing a background check service, choose one committed to running FCRA-compliant reports that are updated regularly. Ensure the provider offers various searches, including a multi-jurisdictional national criminal database, county records, prison records, and civil judgments. A reputable company should also include built-in identity verification with every report to prevent fraud and ensure data accuracy.