If you are considering buying something from My Western Outfit Boutique, you should read this blog first to uncover the truth about the website and gather some facts that can help you determine if the website is trustworthy or a potential scam.

In this My Western Outfit review, we will thoroughly examine any red flags and concerns you may have regarding the website.

My Western Outfit Reviews: Overview 

My Western Outfit Boutique is an online ecommerce store that sells affordable women’s clothing products like:

  • Oversized dot tiger print blouse
  • Vintage print v-neck puff sleeve top
  • Casual leopard patchwork flower print t-shirt
  • Oversized dot tiger print blouse
  • Unique check ruffle button-down blouse
  • Darling print v neck puff sleeve top

Website’s Technical Details

Domain name Mywesternoutfit .com
Website name  MyWesternOutfit
Email:  service@mywesternoutfit .com
Contact Phone Number: Not Available
Company Shanghai Gudao Business Consulting Co., LTD
Delivery time as mentioned on its Shipping Policy: 8-15 working days

Mywesternoutfit.com: Red Flags

Mywesternoutfit.com offers a variety of products like tops, outerwear, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and accessories. However, there are a lot of red flags on the website that raise doubts about its legitimacy.

Suspicious About Page

The about page is a crucial aspect of a website as it makes it feel more genuine. The about page of Mywesternoutfit.com is very generic and does not even match the website’s overall theme. It talks about cool gadgets, which makes us suspicious about the website’s authenticity.

Plagiarized Content

The website plagiarizes a lot of content from different websites, including product images. This indicates that the website is either copying products from other websites or reselling low-quality products.

Resemblance With Suspicious Website

My Western Outfit website’s overall theme and layout resemble many suspicious websites. This resemblance with other websites further raises our doubts about the legitimacy of the website.

Negative Customer Reviews

During our research about the website, we encountered many customer complaints regarding the poor quality of the products, lack of proper customer support, and prolonged delivery times.


To conclude our My Western Outfit Reviews, we would say that the website is possibly a scam, and you should avoid shopping from them to protect yourself from getting scammed. It is essential to practice caution whenever making any transaction on a new ecommerce store. If a website offers very low prices, do proper research about them before providing your card information.


Why is the lack of contact information a red flag?

Most legitimate companies provide contact information to keep transparency between customers, and a lack of contact information suggests a lack of transparency.

How can I help others avoid potential online scams?

You can help others avoid scams by spreading awareness about websites like Mywesternoutfit.com and sharing blogs that discuss these scam websites.

Have customers reported any issues with My Western Outfit’s customer support and delivery?

Yes, many customers have reported poor customer support and delivery of very low-quality products. You should avoid My Western Outfit Boutique and stick to trustworthy websites.

Can I return or replace items purchased from Mywesternoutfit.com?

Yes, you have the option to return the products you purchased. However, the shipping cost is very high, making it not financially viable to return them.