In online jewelry shopping, Vivori Jewels is an online jewelry store located at whose rings, pendants, bracelets, and more collections seem highly desirable. However, before you succumb to the allure of its offerings, it’s imperative to uncover whether this glittering facade holds true. This comprehensive reviews delves into the heart of this platform, exploring its credibility, customer experiences, and the crucial factors that shape its reputation. Reviews: A Glimpse Into Vivori

Established in October 2022, Vivori Jewels has swiftly captured attention with its diverse adornments. Operating under the domain, this online jewelry haven offers a broad spectrum of jewelry pieces, each promising to dazzle the discerning eye.

A Personal Encounter With

A TikTok enthusiast’s endorsement led me down the path of Vivori Jewels. Intrigued by positive feedback, I purchased my sister’s necklace, the Stella Herringbone Chain. My order arrived punctually, enclosed in a charming box. While the presentation box didn’t meet my expectations, the necklace proved exceptional. Its simplicity exudes elegance, and its weight strikes the perfect balance, imparting a sense of quality. Wearing it, I was captivated by its beauty and subtle sophistication.

Navigating The Vivori Co Landscape: What You Should Know

Before indulging in a shopping spree on, a few critical considerations demand attention:

Vivori Jewels vs. Viviori Jewelry: The distinction between Vivori Jewels and Viviori Jewelry ( needs to be clarified. The former was formerly known as the latter, and both shared the allure of 70% off sales. The closure of due to negative reviews muddies the waters.

Lack of Transparency: withholds its business and warehouse addresses. While it claims to be an American company based in New Jersey, the lack of verifiable information might raise eyebrows.

Mysterious Discount Codes: Allegedly, discount codes circulate on TikTok, promising free jewelry with shipping fees. Skepticism is warranted, considering the allure of free items, but the company denies involvement in these offers.

Communication Constraints: The absence of a provided phone number and reliance solely on an email address (‘’) or a Facebook page for customer interaction might give pause.

Unmasking The Reality: Is Vivori Trustworthy?

Vivori Jewels don’t raise red flags as a scam. Yet, several caveats linger, urging a cautious approach. While authenticity is not contested, certain drawbacks, like the missing contact information, warrant scrutiny.

The Final Verdict: Brilliance Or Bewilderment?

Vivori Jewels, stationed at, isn’t a fraudulent jewelry emporium. However, the journey through its offerings should be undertaken with discernment. If discount codes from social media come your way, approach them cautiously, as their origin remains uncertain. While a veneer of authenticity cloaks the store, the absence of crucial details like a concrete address and phone number could leave some yearning for clarity.

Ultimately, Vivori’s allure gleams, but prudent consideration and further research remain essential to unveil the truth beneath the surface sparkle.


  1. What are the critical concerns with Vivori Jewels’ transparency?

It is pointed out that Vivori lacks clarity regarding its business and warehouse addresses. This could potent customers’ trust in the brand.

  1. Are there any alternative ways to contact them besides email?

The review highlights that only provides an email address (‘’) and a Facebook page for customer interaction, needing a provided phone number.

  1. Is there any proof that Vivori is not a scam?

This has not been declared that Vivori is not a scam, but it notes certain drawbacks and concerns that potential customers should carefully consider.