According to aForbes article, the requests made to the U.S. Postal Service for a change in permanent address increased by 3.3% between 2019 and 2020. At the same time, requests for temporarily changing addresses in the same period were an astonishing 41.3%.

Many people move to nearby townsfor a change or to find a place that can accommodate their changing needs. Others move long distances to settle down near their family or in search of better and affordable housing. The latter scenario particularly appliesto places like Colorado Springs, with skyrocketing housing costs.

However, deciding to move is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you have decided on your final destination, you are bombarded with a host of other issues. You realize that long-distance moving is not as straightforward as tossing your belongings in a bag and getting on a bus. You need to plan to take your belongings from your present location to the final destination in one piece.

Having said that, here are some expert tips to make your long-distance move smooth and significantly less stressful.

Picka Moving Company

Accomplishing a long-distance move without hiring a reliable moving company is impossible.Therefore, the first step after finalizing your move is picking a moving company.

Choosing a reliable removals service is paramount, and Removals Liverpool stands out as a top choice. With their expertise and dedication, they ensure a seamless transition to your new home. Offering comprehensive services, from packing to transportation, their team handles your belongings with care, providing peace of mind throughout the process.

Transporting your belongings without professional help can put them at risk of damage, increasing the overall cost. Even a small unnecessary increase in the expense is painful, especially when relocating from a place like Colorado Springs with costly living. The housing in Colorado Springs is 10% pricier, and utilities are 4% more expensive than the US average (RentCafe). So, every penny contributes toward helping you settle in your new house.  Working with reputable long distance movers in Colorado Springs will ensure the safe transportation of your belongings and help you avoid unnecessary expenses before moving.

Besides keeping your belongings safe, hiring a moving can relieve you of the stress of executing a long-distance move. While the moving company takes care of your belongings and all the technical requirements, you can pay attention to other aspects. For instance, you can prepare your kids for a long-distance move or inform the current and the new utility company about your move.

Start Looking For A Moving Company Early On

Depending on when you plan to relocate, you may find booking the moving company according to your schedule challenging. Moving companies have a busy schedule, especially during peak seasons, weekends, and other holidays when most people plan to move. Contacting them early in the process ensures you have a better chance of reserving them for your preferred moving dates. In addition, it gives you enough time to consider different moving companies and assess their reputation, background, service quality, and fees. Initiating your search without delay can eliminate the stress and uncertainty associated with the last-minute search.

Curate A Moving Checklist

It is common to feel there is so much to remember and accomplish when planning and executing a relocation. The most practical way to handle this feeling is by curating a moving checklist.

Start your moving checklist when you still have eight weeks before moving out of your current house, planning all the way to the final moving day. You can add tasks like researching and hiring a reliable moving company, decluttering the house, making a budget, etc.

A checklist to guide you through a long-distance move is beneficial in various ways. Creating a list provides a clear picture of where you stand, what needs to be done, and how much time you have to finish your tasks. A clear and structured plan demonstrated as a moving checklist helps you stay organized throughout the moving process. By breaking down the big task into various manageable steps, it prevents chaos and last-minute rushes.

In addition, a checklist allows you to prioritize tasks based on their importance and deadlines. You can ensure tasks, like notifying utilities and confirming moving details, are tackled before less crucial ones.

A moving checklist also lets you track when to start and finish the various tasks and accomplish everything on time. Eventually, it makes the moving process smooth and enjoyable.

Be Strategic When Packing Boxes

When packing boxes, adopt a balanced approach. Instead of packing boxes that are too heavy or light, pack them so they have optimal weight—neither too heavy nor too light.

Overly heavy boxes can put your belongings at risk of damage due to ineffective handling. At the same time, they can strain or injure those lifting them.

On the contrary, light boxes might be easier to carry, but they can waste space within the moving truck. In addition, these boxes can also shift and collapse during transportation. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your belongings and those handling them, keep the weight of the boxes manageable and optimal.

As for preventing the stuff from moving and jingling inside the boxes, use appropriate padding material to cushion and protect fragile belongings.

Disassemble The Furniture

It is easier to handle and move heavier and big furniture pieces in their disassembled form. So take items such as tables and bedroom sets apart before loading them on the moving truck.

Breaking down large items into smaller units enables you to use the space in the moving truck more efficiently. This may result in renting a smaller moving truck and significantly reducing the moving company’s fees.

In addition, when maneuvering large pieces of furniture through tight spaces, there is a chance of scraping or banging them against walls, door frames, or other obstacles. This can cause your furniture to sustain unsightly marks, dents, and scratches. On the contrary, disassembled furniture is also easier to move through doorways, stairs, and other tight spaces, reducing the likelihood of damage.

Label Boxes In Details

Labeling boxes doesn’t mean carelessly scribbling the “number” or the final destination it belongs to. Yes, you have to mention the box number and its destination room, but at the same time, you also need to mention what’s inside the box. Nothing is more annoying than opening a box just to find out a bunch of random products inside it. Clearly labeling the boxes will eliminate the guesswork, preventing you from rummaging through various boxes when you need something.

Moreover, labeling boxes prevent mishandling or damage by allowing you to handle fragile items appropriately. By clearly making labels like “handle with care” or “fragile” on the boxes, you can save your items an untimely demise.


No one denies that a long-distance move is hectic and, at times, stressful and overwhelming, but it can be made easier and smooth. By taking steps like labeling boxes carefully, hiring a reliable moving company early on, and planning the move extensively, you can ensure a smooth relocation.